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मुखमण्डल n. mukhamaNDala countenance
वदन n. vadana countenance
मुख n. mukha countenance
प्रसन्नमुख adj. prasannamukha placid-countenanced
प्रसन्नमुख adj. prasannamukha placid-countenanced
मुखश्री f. mukhazrI beauty of countenance
विषण्णमुख adj. viSaNNamukha dejected in countenance
सुग्रीव m. sugrIva countenance of a friend
मुखाकार m. mukhAkAra form of the countenance
मुखप्रसाद m. mukhaprasAda light of the countenance
नीचैर्मुख adj. nIcairmukha with downcast countenance
अवनतमुख adj. avanatamukha with downcast countenance
रोचिष्णुमुख adj. rociSNumukha having a bright countenance
हृष्टवदन adj. hRSTavadana having a cheerful countenance
क्रोधमुख adj. krodhamukha one who has an angry countenance
मुखामृत n. mukhAmRta nectar of the mouth or countenance
स्वनीक adj. svanIka having a fair or radiant countenance
परिम्लान n. parimlAna change of countenance by fear or grief
उच्चघन n. uccaghana laughter in the mind not expressed in the countenance
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