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मुख n. mukha countenance
मुखमण्डल n. mukhamaNDala countenance
वदन n. vadana countenance
प्रसन्नमुख adj. prasannamukha placid-countenanced
प्रसन्नमुख adj. prasannamukha placid-countenanced
मुखश्री f. mukhazrI beauty of countenance
विषण्णमुख adj. viSaNNamukha dejected in countenance
मुखाकार m. mukhAkAra form of the countenance
सुग्रीव m. sugrIva countenance of a friend
मुखप्रसाद m. mukhaprasAda light of the countenance
अवनतमुख adj. avanatamukha with downcast countenance
नीचैर्मुख adj. nIcairmukha with downcast countenance
रोचिष्णुमुख adj. rociSNumukha having a bright countenance
हृष्टवदन adj. hRSTavadana having a cheerful countenance
क्रोधमुख adj. krodhamukha one who has an angry countenance
मुखामृत n. mukhAmRta nectar of the mouth or countenance
स्वनीक adj. svanIka having a fair or radiant countenance
परिम्लान n. parimlAna change of countenance by fear or grief
उच्चघन n. uccaghana laughter in the mind not expressed in the countenance
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