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पुस्तादि-गृह n. pustAdi-gRha counting house [for keeping books, accounts, letters, etc.]
गणि f. gaNi counting
गणक m. gaNaka counting
प्रसङ्ख्यान n. prasaGkhyAna counting
गणन n. gaNana counting
गणन n. gaNana counting
सुगण् adj. sugaN counting well
संस्मारण n. saMsmAraNa counting over
अश्वसङ्ख्य m. azvasaGkhya counting horses
सङ्गणना f. saGgaNanA counting together
गोसङ्ख्य m. gosaGkhya counting the cows
मतगणन n. matagaNana counting of votes
इङ्गा f. iGgA manner of counting
सङ्ख्य adj. saGkhya counting up or over
पशुसङ्ख्य adj. pazusaGkhya counting over cattle
स्मारणा f. smAraNA counting or numbering again
सर्वनिक्षेपा f. sarvanikSepA particular method of counting
सर्वविक्षेपता f. sarvavikSepatA particular method of counting
सङ्ख्यावृत्तिकर adj. saGkhyAvRttikara causing repetition of counting
सङ्ख्याता f. saGkhyAtA kind of riddle based on counting
मणिधर adj. maNidhara having a string of beads for counting
पक्षनिक्षेप m. pakSanikSepa placing on the side of. counting among
अग्रसारा f. agrasArA short method of counting immense numbers
जपमाला f. japamAlA rosary used for counting muttered prayers
सुगण् adj. sugaN counting well or easily or easily to be calculated
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