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दिङ्मुखमण्डल n. diGmukhamaNDala countries all around
यथाजनपदम् ind. yathAjanapadam according to countries
वैदेश्य n. vaidezya being in separate countries
सुराष्ट्रसौवीरक m. surASTrasauvIraka countries of Surat and su-vIra
नानादेश्य adj. nAnAdezya coming from different countries
बहुदेशदर्शिन् adj. bahudezadarzin one who has seen many countries
नानादेशीय adj. nAnAdezIya coming from different countries
ईति f. Iti travelling in foreign countries
देशान्तरभाण्डानयन n. dezAntarabhANDAnayana importing wares from foreign countries
दिग्जय m. digjaya conquest of various countries in all directions
सुराष्ट्रावन्ति m. surASTrAvanti inhabitants or the countries of Surat and avanti
ऋषि m. RSi occupying the same position in India history as the heroes and patriarchs of other countries
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