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गोकर्ण m. gokarNa cow's ear
गोस्तन m. gostana cow's dug
त्वच् f. tvac cow's hide
त्वच् f. tvac cow's hide
गोक्षुर m. gokSura cow's hoof
गोक्षुरक m. gokSuraka cow's hoof
कुल्मि m. kulmi cow's hair
गोवाल m. govAla cow's hair
गोशफ m. gozapha cow's hoof
गोकण्टक m. gokaNTaka cow's hoof
गोचर्मन् n. gocarman cow's hide
श्रेष्ठ n. zreSTha cow's milk
गोपुच्छ n. gopuccha cow's tail
गोलोमन् n. goloman cow's hair
धेनुकादुग्ध n. dhenukAdugdha cow's milk
गोक्षीर n. gokSIra cow's milk
धेनुदुग्ध n. dhenudugdha cow's milk
गोशृङ्ग n. gozRGga cow's horn
गोदन्त m. godanta cow's tooth
गोमूत्र n. gomUtra cow's urine
गोजल n. gojala cow's urine
जल n. jala cow's embryo
छूरिका f. chUrikA cow's nostril
गोदन्त adj. godanta having cow's teeth
गोपुच्छाग्र gopucchAgra end of a cow's tail
गोस्तनाकार adj. gostanAkAra shaped like cow's dug
गौलोमन adj. gaulomana resembling cow's hair
गोत्वच् f. gotvac ox-hide or cow's hide
ह्योगोदोह m. hyogodoha yesterday's cow's milk
गौपुच्छ adj. gaupuccha resembling a cow's tail
गोपुच्छाकृति m. gopucchAkRti resembling a cow's tail
संयुगगोष्पद n. saMyugagoSpada contest in a cow's footstep
गोष्पद adj. goSpada showing marks of cow's hoofs
गोष्पद n. goSpada mark of a cow's foot in the soil
गोमूत्रक adj. gomUtraka similar to the course of cow's urine
गोरुत n. goruta as far as a cow's mooing may be heard
गोकण्टक m. gokaNTaka print of a cow's hoof or a spot so marked
गोष्पदमात्र adj. goSpadamAtra as large as the impression of a cow's hoof
गोपद n. gopada mark or impression of a cow's hoof in the soil
गोष्पदप्रम् ind. goSpadapram so as to fill only the impression of a cow's hoof
गोष्पदपूरम् ind. goSpadapUram so as to fill only the impression of a cow's hoof
शफोरु adj. zaphoru whose thighs resemble the two divisions of a cow's hoof
गोकृच्छ्र n. gokRcchra kind of penance in which barley cooked in cow's urine is eaten
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