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शकृत् n. zakRt dung [typically cow-dung]
गोविष् f. goviS cow-dung
गोनिहार m. gonihAra cow-dung
गोमय m. gomaya cow-dung
पावन n. pAvana cow-dung
भूमिलेपन n. bhUmilepana cow-dung
गोपुरीष n. gopurISa cow-dung
भूपवित्र n. bhUpavitra cow-dung
उपलेपन n. upalepana cow-dung
पव n. pava cow-dung
गोकृत n. gokRta cow-dung
शुष्कगोमय m. zuSkagomaya dry cow-dung
आरण्योपल m. AraNyopala dry cow-dung
करीष m.n. karISa dry cow-dung
बुस n. busa dry cow-dung
छगण m. chagaNa dried cow-dung
हरितगोमय m. haritagomaya fresh cow-dung
गोग्रन्थि m. gogranthi dried cow-dung
शकृद्रस m. zakRdrasa liquid cow-dung
गोमयमय adj. gomayamaya made of cow-dung
गोमयप्रिय m. gomayapriya fond of cow-dung
विभूति f. vibhUti ashes of cow-dung
मुक m. muka smell of cow-dung
गोमयायते verb gomayAyate { gomayAya } resemble cow-dung
गोमय n. gomaya rarely m. cow-dung
गोमयाम्भस् n. gomayAmbhas water with cow-dung
गोवर n. govara cow-dung pulverized
गोमयति verb gomayati smear with cow-dung
गौमय adj. gaumaya coming from cow-dung
करीषाग्नि m. karISAgni fire of dry cow-dung
गोमय adj. gomaya defiled with cow-dung
शकपूत adj. zakapUta purified with cow-dung
कर्षू m. karSU fire of dried cow-dung
छागण m. chAgaNa fire of dried cow-dung
गोमयोत्था f. gomayotthA originating in cow-dung
गोमयकार्षी f. gomayakArSI piece of dried cow-dung
गोमयोद्भव m. gomayodbhava originating in cow-dung
शकृत्पिण्ड m. zakRtpiNDa lump or ball of cow-dung
वनोपल m. vanopala shaped and dried cow-dung
घुण्टिक n. ghuNTika cow-dung found in thickets
मुक adj. muka having the smell of cow-dung
सगोमय adj. sagomaya having or mixed with cow-dung
शकधूमजा adj. zakadhUmajA produced or born from cow-dung
शकधूमज adj. zakadhUmaja produced or born from cow-dung
वृश्चिक m. vRzcika sort of beetle found in cow-dung
शकधूम m. zakadhUma smoke of burnt or burning cow-dung
मारुण्ड m. mAruNDa cow-dung or a place spread with it
शकधूम m. zakadhUma priest who augurs by means of cow-dung
अङ्गुलितोरण n. aGgulitoraNa drawn with sandal or the ashes of cow-dung
गोमयोत्था f. gomayotthA gad-fly or a kind of beetle found in cow-dung
यावकव्रतिन् adj. yAvakavratin living only on the grains of barley found in cow-dung
अभिगमन n. abhigamana act of cleansing and smearing with cow-dung the way leading to the image of the deity
गोमयपायसीयन्यायवत् ind. gomayapAyasIyanyAyavat in the manner of cow-dung and of milky food i.e. very different in nature though having the same origin
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