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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
गोव्रज m. govraja cow-pen
गोष्ठ m. goSTha cow-pen
व्रज m. vraja cow-pen
गोस्थान n. gosthAna cow-pen
व्रजाजिर n. vrajAjira cow-pen
गोत्र n. gotra cow-pen
गोष्ठज m. goSThaja born in a cow-pen
गोष्ठेशूर m. goSThezUra hero in a cow-pen
गोष्ठागार n. goSThAgAra house in a cow-pen
गोष्ठेपटु adj. goSThepaTu clever in a cow-pen
व्रजस्पति m. vrajaspati lord of the cow-pen
गोष्ठेक्ष्वेडिन् adj. goSThekSveDin bellowing in a cow-pen
गोष्ठेप्रगल्भ adj. goSThepragalbha courageous in a cow-pen
गोष्ठेविजितिन् adj. goSThevijitin victorious in a cow-pen
गोत्रभिद् adj. gotrabhid opening the cow-pens of the sky
गौष्ठीन adj. gauSThIna where a cow-pen has been before
गौष्ठीन n. gauSThIna site of an old and abandoned cow-pen
गोष्ठश्व m. goSThazva dog in a cow-pen which barks at every one