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कपर्द m. kaparda cowrie
वराटिका f. varATikA cowrie
चर m. cara cowrie
पणास्थि n. paNAsthi cowrie
पणास्थिक n. paNAsthika cowrie
द्यूतबीज n. dyUtabIja cowrie
कपर्दक m. kapardaka cowrie shell
कपर्द m. kaparda small shell or cowrie
गण्डक m. gaNDaka coin of the value of four cowries
प्रतिक adj. pratika worth a kArSApaNa or 16 paNas of cowries
कर्णचामर n. karNacAmara cowrie as ornament for the ear of an elephant
काकिणी f. kAkiNI small coin or a small sum of money equal to twenty kapardas or cowries
किंवराटक m. kiMvarATaka one who says what is a cowrie? i.e. a spendthrift who does not value small coins
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