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उत्तमर्ण m. uttamarNa creditor
बन्ध - उत्तमर्ण m. bandha - uttamarNa bond creditor
आस्थगित उत्तमर्ण m. Asthagita uttamarNa deferred creditors
धनिक m. dhanika creditor
उत्तमर्णिक m. uttamarNika creditor
धनिन् m. dhanin creditor
उत्तमर्णिन् m. uttamarNin creditor
उत्तमर्ण m. uttamarNa creditor [Com.]
प्रयोजक m. prayojaka creditor
उत्तमर्ण- प्रपञ्जी f. uttamarNa- prapaJjI creditor's ledger [Com.]
धानी f. dhAnI creditor or owner
धनैषिन् m. dhanaiSin creditor who claims his money
दातृ m. dAtR creditor the arranger of a meal
उपनिधि m. upanidhi property put under the care of a creditor
ऋणोद्ग्रहण n. RNodgrahaNa recovering a debt in any way from a creditor
ऋणदास m. RNadAsa one who pays his debt by becoming his creditor's slave
बलात्कार m. balAtkAra detention of the person of a debtor by his creditor to recover his debt
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