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बन्ध - उत्तमर्ण m. bandha - uttamarNa bond creditor
आस्थगित उत्तमर्ण m. Asthagita uttamarNa deferred creditors
प्रयोजक m. prayojaka creditor
उत्तमर्ण m. uttamarNa creditor
धनिक m. dhanika creditor
उत्तमर्णिक m. uttamarNika creditor
धनिन् m. dhanin creditor
उत्तमर्णिन् m. uttamarNin creditor
उत्तमर्ण m. uttamarNa creditor [Com.]
उत्तमर्ण- प्रपञ्जी f. uttamarNa- prapaJjI creditor's ledger [Com.]
धानी f. dhAnI creditor or owner
धनैषिन् m. dhanaiSin creditor who claims his money
दातृ m. dAtR creditor the arranger of a meal
उपनिधि m. upanidhi property put under the care of a creditor
ऋणोद्ग्रहण n. RNodgrahaNa recovering a debt in any way from a creditor
ऋणदास m. RNadAsa one who pays his debt by becoming his creditor's slave
बलात्कार m. balAtkAra detention of the person of a debtor by his creditor to recover his debt
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