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तर m. tara crossing
व्यत्यसन n. vyatyasana crossing [Zool.]
रेखण n. rekhaNa crossing [Com. (a cheque)]
व्यत्यसन n. vyatyasana crossing over [Zool.]
सामान्य रेखण n. sAmAnya rekhaNa general crossing
विशेष रेखण n. vizeSa rekhaNa special crossing
अ परक्राम्य रेखण n. a parakrAmya rekhaNa not negotiable crossing
तार m. tAra
अतितारिन् adj. atitArin crossing
पारगामिन् adj. pAragAmin crossing
परण adj. paraNa crossing
अतिवर्तिन् adj. ativartin crossing
पार m. pAra crossing
तर m. tara crossing
निस्तार m. nistAra crossing
प्रतार m. pratAra crossing
तर m. tara crossing
सन्तार m. santAra crossing
प्रतर m. pratara crossing
वेल्लितक n. vellitaka crossing
विलङ्घन n. vilaGghana crossing
पारगमन n. pAragamana crossing
लङ्गन n. laGgana crossing
n. ta crossing
प्रतारण n. pratAraNa crossing
निस्तारण n. nistAraNa crossing
तारण n. tAraNa crossing
प्रतरण n. prataraNa crossing
n. ta crossing
लङ्घन n. laGghana crossing
पारग adj. pAraga crossing over
उत्तर adj. uttara crossing over
उत्तरण adj. uttaraNa crossing over
तरण n. taraNa crossing over
उत्तरण n. uttaraNa crossing rivers
नदीतर adj. nadItara crossing a river
नदीसन्तार m. nadIsantAra crossing a river
बाहुतरण n. bAhutaraNa crossing a river
अतियात्रा f. atiyAtrA fare for crossing
हस्तस्वस्तिक m. hastasvastika crossing the hand
लङ्घनक n. laGghanaka means of crossing
निस्तारबीज n. nistArabIja means of crossing
सङ्क्रमण n. saGkramaNa means of crossing
तितीर्षा f. titIrSA desire of crossing
स्वस्तिकदान n. svastikadAna crossing the hands
तीर्त्वा indecl. tIrtvA after crossing over [e.g., a river]
सुप्रतर adj. supratara easily crossing over
तितीर्षु adj. titIrSu desirous of crossing
आतर m. Atara crossing over a river
उत्तरणसेतु m. uttaraNasetu bridge for crossing over
तर्तरीक adj. tartarIka being in the habit of crossing
अरित्रपरण adj. aritraparaNa crossing over by means of oars
वितरण n. vitaraNa act of crossing or passing over
तितीर्षति verb Desid. titIrSati { tRR } wish to cross or reach by crossing
पारीण adj. pArINa being on or crossing to the other side
सन्तरण n. santaraNa act of crossing over or passing through
स्वस्तिक m. svastika crossing of the arms or hands on the breast
भेद m. bheda particular crossing or conjunction of the planets
परिघ m. parigha line of clouds crossing the sun at sunrise or sunset
आली f. AlI ridge or mound of earth crossing ditches or dividing fields
सप्तशलाक m. saptazalAka kind of astrological diagram marked with twice 7 lines crossing each other at right angles
सप्तशलाकचक्र n. saptazalAkacakra kind of astrological diagram marked with twice 7 lines crossing each other at right angles
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