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मूषा f. mUSA crucible [Chem.]
मूषा-परिक्षण n. mUSA-parikSaNa crucible [to test in a crucible]
मूषा-द्रावण n. mUSA-drAvaNa crucible [to melt in a crucible]
मूषा-सन्दंश m. mUSA-sandaMza crucible tongs
मूषा-वज्रायस n. mUSA-vajrAyasa crucible steel
मूषाधार m, mUSAdhAra crucible support
मूषा-भ्राष्ट्र n. mUSA-bhrASTra crucible furnace
मूषा-त्रिकोण n. mUSA-trikoNa crucible triangles
मूषा-पट्टाधार m. mUSA-paTTAdhAra crucible plate support
आवर्तनी f. AvartanI crucible
मुषा f. muSA crucible
शिलात्मिका f. zilAtmikA crucible
तैजसावर्तनी f. taijasAvartanI crucible
मूषी f. mUSI crucible
तैजसावर्तिनी f. taijasAvartinI crucible
मूषिका f. mUSikA crucible
मूका f. mUkA crucible
मूष m. mUSa crucible
मूषीकरण n. mUSIkaraNa melting in a crucible
अन्धमूषा f. andhamUSA small covered crucible with a hole in the side
ईषीका f. ISIkA dipping rod or something cast into a crucible to examine if the metal it contains is in fusion
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