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च्यवान adj. cyavAna moving
च्यावन adj. cyAvana relating to cyavana
च्यवान adj. cyavAna active
च्यवन adj. cyavana promoting delivery
च्यवन adj. cyavana causing to move
च्यवन adj. cyavana shaking
च्यवन adj. cyavana moved
च्यावन adj. cyAvana causing to fall
च्यवन adj. cyavana moving
च्यवन m. cyavana shaker
च्यवान m. cyavAna arms [du.]
च्यवन m. cyavana one who causes to move
च्यवन n. cyavana trickling
च्यवन n. cyavana falling from any divine existence [to be re-born as a man]
च्यवन n. cyavana dying
च्यवन n. cyavana flowing
च्यवन n. cyavana motion
च्यावन n. cyAvana expulsion
च्यवनधर्म adj. cyavanadharma destined to sink down in the series of re-births
च्यवनधर्मन् adj. cyavanadharman destined to fall from any divine existence
च्यवनधर्मिन् adj. cyavanadharmin destined to fall from any divine existence
च्यवननहुषसंवाद m. cyavananahuSasaMvAda discussion between cyavana and nahuSa
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