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दण्डगोल m. daNDagola cylinder
अनिलकोष m. anilakoSa gas cylinder
रम्भ-तैल n. rambha-taila cylinder oil
रम्भ-छिद्र n. rambha-chidra cylinder bore [Automotive]
रम्भ-शीर्ष n. rambha-zIrSa cylinder head [Automotive]
रम्भ-धातु m. rambha-dhAtu cylinder metal
रम्भाधार m. rambhAdhAra base of cylinder
रम्भ-पुर- आवरण n. rambha-pura- AvaraNa cylinder front cover [Mach.]
समखात n. samakhAta cylinder
खेचर m. khecara earring or a cylinder of wood passed through the lobe of the ear
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