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अद्य एव दातव्यं वा? sent. adya eva dAtavyaM vA? Have to pay it right today?
किं, अद्य दातव्यं वा? sent. kiM, adya dAtavyaM vA? What, do we have to pay it today?
एतत् कस्मै दातव्यं मया? sent. etat kasmai dAtavyaM mayA? To whom should this be given by me?
अद्य एव शुल्कं दातव्यं अस्ति sent. adya eva zulkaM dAtavyaM asti I have to pay the fees right today.
क्षीरार्थं अद्य एव दातव्यं अस्ति sent. kSIrArthaM adya eva dAtavyaM asti We have to pay the milk-man today.
दात adj. dAta purified
दात adj. dAta cleansed
दात adj. dAta cut off. mowed
दात adj. dAta given
धट m. dhaTa ordeal by the balance
धट m. dhaTa balance or the scale of a balance
धट m. dhaTa sign of the zodiac Libra
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be given in marriage
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be made
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be paid or restored
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be communicated
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be placed upon
दातव्य adj. dAtavya to be given
धातकी f. dhAtakI Red Bell Bush [Woodfordia fruticosa - Bot.]
दातव्यम् adj. dAtavyam should be given
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