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दीपन adj. dIpana setting on fire
दीपन adj. dIpana digestive
दीपन adj. dIpana stimulating
दीपन adj. dIpana inflaming
दीपन adj. dIpana kindling
दीपन m. dIpana kind of composition
दीपन m. dIpana nemooka plant [Clypea Hernandifolia - Bot.]
दीपन m. dIpana mystical formula described in the tantra-sAra
दीपन m. dIpana Bishop's weed [ Ptychotis Ajowan - Bot. ]
दीपन m. dIpana onion
दीपन n. dIpana particular procedure with a magic formula
दीपन n. dIpana digestive or tonic
दीपन n. dIpana particular process to which minerals are subjected
दीपन n. dIpana root of Crape Jasmine [Tabernamontana Coronaria - Bot.]
दीपन n. dIpana promoting digestion
दीपन n. dIpana act of kindling
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