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दूरता f. dUratA distance
भवान् एव वा! दूरतः न ज्ञातम् sent. bhavAn eva vA! dUrataH na jJAtam Is it you? I couldn't recognise you from a distance.
दूरता f. dUratA remoteness
दूरत m. dUrata from far
दूरतस् ind. dUratas aloof from
दूरतस् ind. dUratas at a distance
दूरतस् ind. dUratas to keep away
दूरतस् ind. dUratas far off
दूरतस् ind. dUratas from afar
दूरतर indecl. dUratara farther
दूरतरे ind. dUratare some way from
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