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देवता f. devatA deity
देवता f. devatA Goddess
दैवतस् adverb daivatas by accident
दैवतस् adverb daivatas accidentally
दैवतस् adverb daivatas by chance
दैवतस् ind. daivatas by fate or chance
देवता adverb devatA with divinity i.e. with a god or among the gods
देवता f. devatA idol
देवता f. devatA divinity
देवता f. devatA god
देवता f. devatA godhead
देवता f. devatA image of a deity
देवता f. devatA nymph
देवट m. devaTa artisan
देवट m. devaTa artist
देवत m. devata the deity
दैवत adj. daivata having as one's deity
दैवत adj. daivata divine
दैवत adj. daivata worshipping
दैवत adj. daivata relating to the gods or to a particular deity
दैवत n. daivata image of a god
दैवत n. daivata god
दैवत n. daivata deity
दैवत n. daivata idol
देवतात् f. devatAt divinity
देवतात् f. devatAt divine service
देवतात् f. devatAt gods collectively
देवताड m. devatADa fire
देवताड m. devatADa loofah or a similar plant [Luffa foetida or Luffa Acutangula - Bot.]
देवताड m. devatADa Indian bluestem grass [Lepeocercis Serrata - Bot.]
देवतरु m. devataru divine tree
देवतरु m. devataru cedar tree [Cedrus deodara - Bot.]
देवतरु m. devataru old or sacred tree of a village
देवताति f. devatAti gods collectively
देवताति f. devatAti divinity
देवताति f. devatAti divine service
धैवत n. dhaivata sixth note of the gamut
देवताजित् m. devatAjit gods-conqueror
देवतल्प m. devatalpa couch of the gods
देवतातस् ind. devatAtas on the part of a deity
देवतात्मा f. devatAtmA mother of the gods
देवतात्व n. devatAtva state of divinity
देवतागार n. devatAgAra gods' house
देवतागार n. devatAgAra chapel
देवतागार n. devatAgAra temple
देवतालक m. devatAlaka Indian bluestem grass [Lepeocercis Serrata - Bot.]
देवतामणि m. devatAmaNi divine jewel
देवतामय adj. devatAmaya containing all deities
देवतात्मन् adj. devatAtman having a divine soul
दैवतन्त्र adj. daivatantra subject to fate
दैवतपर adj. daivatapara worshipper of the gods
दैवतपति m. daivatapati lord of gods
देवताबाध m. devatAbAdha molestation of the gods
देवताधिप m. devatAdhipa deity-chief
देवतार्चन n. devatArcana worship of the gods
देवतर्पण n. devatarpaNa part of the sandhyA ceremony
देवतर्पण n. devatarpaNa refreshing of the gods
देवतर्पण n. devatarpaNa offerings of water
देवतास्नान n. devatAsnAna ablution of an idol
देवताश्रय adj. devatAzraya relating to a gods
दैवतसरित् f. daivatasarit divine stream
दैवतसरित् f. daivatasarit Ganges
देवतानिगम m. devatAnigama address of a deity
देवतापूजन n. devatApUjana worship of a deities
देवतायतन n. devatAyatana temple
देवतादर्शन n. devatAdarzana manifestation of a deity
देवताद्वन्द्व n. devatAdvandva compound whose members are two or more names of deities
देवतामिथुन n. devatAmithuna cohabitation of deities
देवताप्रतिमा f. devatApratimA idol
देवताप्रतिमा f. devatApratimA god-image
देवताराधन n. devatArAdhana homage to the gods
देवतासहायिन् adj. devatAsahAyin accompanied by the gods i.e. alone
दैवतप्रतिमा f. daivatapratimA image of a deity
देवताभ्यर्चन n. devatAbhyarcana worship of an idol or a deity
देवतानुक्रमणी f. devatAnukramaNI index of the Vedic deities
देवताप्रणिधान n. devatApraNidhAna devotion to a deity
देवताभ्यर्चनपर adj. devatAbhyarcanapara devoted to it
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