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दरद् f. darad mountain
दरद् f. darad precipice
दरद् f. darad bank
दरद् f. darad fear
दरद् f. darad heart
दारद adj. dArada coming from the country of the darads or daradas
दरद m. darada fear
दारद m. dArada kind of poison
दारद m. dArada ocean
दारद m. dArada quicksilver
दारद n. dArada vermilion
दरद n. darada red lead
दाराधीन adj. dArAdhIna dependent on a wife
दरदलिपि f. daradalipi writing peculiar to the daradas
धराधरा f. dharAdharA mountain
धराधारा f. dharAdhArA support of the mountains
धराधारा f. dharAdhArA earth
धाराधर m. dhArAdhara cloud
धाराधर m. dhArAdhara sword
धराधर m. dharAdhara earth-bearer
धाराधर m. dhArAdhara water-bearer
धराधव m. dharAdhava earth-lord
धराधव m. dharAdhava king
धाराध्वनि m. dhArAdhvani sound of falling rain or flowing water
दाराधिगमन n. dArAdhigamana wife-going
दाराधिगमन n. dArAdhigamana marriage
धाराधिरूढ adj. dhArAdhirUDha elevated to the highest point or pitch
धाराधरागम m. dhArAdharAgama rainy season
धाराधरागम m. dhArAdharAgama cloud-coming
धराधरेन्द्र m. dharAdharendra mountain-king
धाराधरात्यय m. dhArAdharAtyaya autumn
धाराधरात्यय m. dhArAdharAtyaya cloud-ceasing
धाराधरोद्यान n. dhArAdharodyAna cloud-garden
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