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स्नुषा f. snuSA daughter-in-law
स्नुषा f. snuSA daughter-in-law
जामि f. jAmi daughter-in-law
वधुटी f. vadhuTI daughter-in-law
जामी f. jAmI daughter-in-law
वधूटी f. vadhUTI daughter-in-law
पुत्रवधू f. putravadhU daughter-in-law
वधु f. vadhu daughter-in-law
जनी f. janI daughter-in-law
वधू f. vadhU daughter-in-law
जनिका f. janikA daughter-in-law
नववधू f. navavadhU daughter-in-law
जामि f. jAmi the daughter-in-law
स्नुषावत् ind. snuSAvat like a daughter-in-law
जामि f. jAmi esp. the daughter-in-law
नृपस्नुषा f. nRpasnuSA daughter-in-law of a king
सुस्नुष adj. susnuSa having a good daughter-in-law
जामि f. jAmi especially the daughter-in-law
स्नुषात्व n. snuSAtva condition of a daughter-in-law
श्वश्रूस्नुषा f. zvazrUsnuSA mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
स्नुषाग adj. snuSAga having sexual intercourse with a daughter-in-law
आशा f. AzA hope personified as the daughter-in-law of manas
श्वश्रूस्नुषाधनसंवाद m. zvazrUsnuSAdhanasaMvAda agreement in respect of the property of mother and daughter-in-law
स्नुषाश्वशुरीया f. snuSAzvazurIyA sacrifice intended to subdue an adversary as a daughter-in-law is subject to a father-in-law
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