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अभिशस्त adj. abhizasta defendant [jur.]
प्रतिवादिन् m. prativAdin defendant [Law]
अपरपक्ष m. aparapakSa defendant
अभियुक्त m. abhiyukta defendant [jur.]
प्रतिपक्ष m. pratipakSa defendant
सन्दंशित m. sandaMzita defendant
प्रत्यर्थिन् m. pratyarthin defendant [in law]
उत्तरवादिन् m. uttaravAdin defendant
अभियुक्त adj. abhiyukta a defendant
प्रत्यर्थिता f. pratyarthitA state of a defendant at law
प्रत्यर्थित्व n. pratyarthitva state of a defendant at law
कार्यिन् adj. kAryin a party to a suit either as plaintiff or defendant
आहूतप्रपलायिन् m. AhUtaprapalAyin defendant or witness absconding or not appearing when summoned
निह्नववादिन् m. nihnavavAdin defendant or witness who prevaricates or tries to hide the truth
प्राङ्न्यायोत्तर n. prAGnyAyottara defendant's plea that the charge against him has already been tried
प्रत्याकलित n. pratyAkalita judicial decision as to which of the litigants is to prove his case after the defendant has pleaded
प्रत्यर्थ्यावेदन n. pratyarthyAvedana verbal information or deposition of the defendant which is written down by the officers of the court
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