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दूषण n. dUSaNa defilement
मललेपन n. malalepana defilement
मलिनीकरण n. malinIkaraNa defilement
मूल क्लेशाः m. mUla klezAH three defilements afflicting humans [ignorance, attachement, craving - MahAyAna Buddhism]
दुष्टि f. duSTi defilement
दुष्टता f. duSTatA defilement
आस्रव m. Asrava defilement
दुष्टत्व n. duSTatva defilement
सङ्कलुष n. saGkaluSa defilement
अशौच n. azauca defilement
योनिदोष m. yonidoSa sexual defilement
कन्यादूषण n. kanyAdUSaNa defilement of a virgin
शुद्धि f. zuddhi freedom from defilement
मलिनीकरणीय adj. malinIkaraNIya fitted to cause defilement
शान्तमल adj. zAntamala having all defilement removed
मलावह adj. malAvaha bringing or causing defilement
सन्दूषण n. sandUSaNa any vice which causes defilement
पञ्चक्लेशभेद adj. paJcaklezabheda afflicted by 5 common human defilements [greed, anger, ignorance, pride, Jealousy - Hinduism]
शाव n. zAva defilement caused by contact with a corpse or the death of a relation
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