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समान व्युत्पन्न n. samAna vyutpanna coordinate derivatives [Statistics (coordinate = of equal value)]
वैकृत adj. vaikRta derivative
औत्सर्गिक adj. autsargika derivative
विकृति f. vikRti derivative
तद्धित m. taddhita derivative noun
विकार m. vikAra derivative of a word
विकारमय adj. vikAramaya consisting of derivatives
ह्लेष् hleS in the following derivatives
ह्ली hlI in the following derivatives
साधु m. sAdhu derivative or inflected noun
कारणगुणोद्भवगुण m. kAraNaguNodbhavaguNa secondary or derivative property
विकार m. vikAra production or derivative from prakRti
सप्रवाद adj. sapravAda together with the derivative case forms
सविकार adj. savikAra with its developments or derivatives or products
गति f. gati term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives
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