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वर्णित adj. varNita described
अभिवर्णित adj. abhivarNita described
उद्ग्राहित adj. udgrAhita described
उद्दिष्ट adj. uddiSTa described
वर्णगत adj. varNagata described
कथित ppp. kathita described
उपवर्णनीय adj. upavarNanIya to be described
वर्ण्यमान pres. part varNyamAna being described
सङ्क्षेपलक्षण adj. saGkSepalakSaNa described briefly
उपवर्णित adj. upavarNita described minutely
वर्ण्यते verb pass. varNyate { varN } be coloured or described
यथोद्दिष्ट adj. yathoddiSTa as mentioned or described
समनुवर्णित adj. samanuvarNita well described or narrated
गुण्य adj. guNya to be described or praised
वक्ष्यमाण adj. vakSyamANa about to be said or described
विडगन्ध n. viDagandha medicinal salt described above
वर्णितवत् adj. varNitavat one who has painted or described
क्रान्तिक्षेत्र n. krAntikSetra figure described by the ecliptic
विभावनालङ्कार m. vibhAvanAlaGkAra rhetorical figure described above
यथानिर्दिष्ट adj. yathAnirdiSTa as mentioned or described or directed
पदगत adj. padagata described or recorded in a line or stanza
वर्ण्य adj. varNya to be delineated or described or pictured
यथाख्यत adj. yathAkhyata as previously told or described or mentioned
दीपन m. dIpana mystical formula described in the tantra-sAra
वर्णनीय adj. varNanIya to be painted or coloured or delineated or described
सामवेद m. sAmaveda in the sAma-veda is described as drawn forth from the sun
पूर्णिका f. pUrNikA species of bird described as having a double or cleft beak
युगान्तर n. yugAntara second half of the arc described by the sun and cut by the meridian
निर्देशनीय adj. nirdezanIya to be pointed out or determined or described or proclaimed or foretold
निर्देश्य adj. nirdezya to be pointed out or determined or described or proclaimed or foretold
सामवेद m. sAmaveda 124 it is described as having a special reference to the pitRs or deceased ancestors
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