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मेध्य adj. medhya destined to be sacrificed
संनियोजित adj. saMniyojita destined
दृष्ट adj. dRSTa destined
उपभ्रित adj. upabhrita destined to
हित adj. hita destined for
विनियोजित adj. viniyojita destined for
विनियुक्त adj. viniyukta destined for
उद्देश्य adj. uddezya destined for
जात adj. jAta destined for
हेतुक adj. hetuka destined for
जात adj. jAta destined for
सम्मित adj. sammita destined for
अर्थीय adj. arthIya destined for
नियमित adj. niyamita destined to be
विनिर्मित adj. vinirmita destined to be
कालपक्व adj. kAlapakva destined to die
कालपाशपरीत adj. kAlapAzaparIta destined to death
अभाविन् adj. abhAvin not destined to be
देवदैवत्य adj. devadaivatya destined for the gods
भावित adj. bhAvita meant or destined for
सङ्क्लृप्त adj. saGklRpta destined or meant for
विहित adj. vihita destined or meant for
जायते verb 2 4 jAyate { jan } be born or destined for
तपोर्थीय adj. taporthIya destined for austerities
सञ्ज्ञात adj. saJjJAta intended or destined for
भवितव्यता f. bhavitavyatA being destined to happen
अन्यलोक्य adj. anyalokya destined for another world
सर्वाङ्गिक adj. sarvAGgika destined for the whole body
सुदेव adj. sudeva destined for the right gods
ज्ञातिप्राय adj. jJAtiprAya chiefly destined for kinsmen
मालीय adj. mAlIya fit or destined for a garland
परायण n. parAyaNa wholly devoted or destined to
चरव्य adj. caravya destined for the caru oblation
अग्निहोत्री f. agnihotrI cow destined for the agnihotra
यथाभाव m. yathAbhAva conformity to any destined state
आग्रयणीय m. AgrayaNIya first fruits destined for oblation
पञ्चपशु adj. paJcapazu destined for the 5 sacrificial animals
धर्मदोग्ध्री f. dharmadogdhrI cow whose milk is destined for sacrifice
राजम्भव्य adj. rAjambhavya destined for the succession to the throne
च्यवनधर्मन् adj. cyavanadharman destined to fall from any divine existence
च्यवनधर्मिन् adj. cyavanadharmin destined to fall from any divine existence
योगक्षेम m. yogakSema property destined for pious uses and sacrifices
याम adj. yAma relating to or derived from or destined for yama
पुरोडाशीय adj. puroDAzIya relating to or destined for the sacrificial cake
च्यवनधर्म adj. cyavanadharma destined to sink down in the series of re-births
यातनार्थीय adj. yAtanArthIya destined to suffer or susceptible of the torments of hell
परिणामन n. pariNAmana turning of things destined for the community to one's own use
द्राविणोदस adj. drAviNodasa coming from or belonging to or destined for those who present gifts
राजयोग m. rAjayoga constellation under which princes are born or a configuration of planets at birth denoting a person destined for kingship
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