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धमनी f. dhamanI pipe
दमनीय adj. damanIya tamable
दमनीय adj. damanIya tameable
दामनी f. dAmanI long rope to which calves are tied by means of shorter ropes
दमनी f. damanI medicinal nightshade [Solanum Jacquini - Bot.]
धमनि f. dhamani canal of the human body
धमनि f. dhamani act of blowing or piping
धमनि f. dhamani neck
धमनि f. dhamani vessel
धमनि f. dhamani throat
धमनि f. dhamani any tubular vessel
धमनि f. dhamani pipe or tube
धामनी f. dhAmanI any tubular vessel of the body
धामनी f. dhAmanI heart fern [Hemionitis cordifolia - Bot.]
धमनि f. dhamani artery
धमनि f. dhamani as a vein
धमनी f. dhamanI turmeric or heart fern [Hemionitis cordifolia - Bot.]
धमनी f. dhamanI sort of perfume
धमनि m. dhamani nerve
दमनीय adj. damanIya to be restrained
दामनीय m. dAmanIya prince of the dAmanis
धामनिका f. dhAmanikA medicinal nightshade [Solanum Jacquini - Bot.]
धमनील adj. dhamanIla full-veined
धमनील adj. dhamanIla having prominent veins
धामनिधि m. dhAmanidhi sun
धामनिधि m. dhAmanidhi treasure of splendour
धमनिसन्तत adj. dhamanisantata having the veins strained like cords
धमनिसन्तत adj. dhamanisantata emaciated
धमनिसन्तत adj. dhamanisantata lank
धमनीरज्जुसन्तत adj. dhamanIrajjusantata having the veins strained like cords
धमनीरज्जुसन्तत adj. dhamanIrajjusantata emaciated
धमनीरज्जुसन्तत adj. dhamanIrajjusantata lank
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