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धृति f. dhRti courage
धृति f. dhRti self-command
धृत वस्तु n. dhRta vastu chose in possession [Law]
सायङ्काले उर्सुला समीचीनं चोलं धृतवती sent. sAyaGkAle ursulA samIcInaM colaM dhRtavatI In the evening Ursula wore a nice blouse
धृत् adj. dhRt having possessing
धृत् adj. dhRt wearing
धृत् adj. dhRt holding
धृत् adj. dhRt bearing
धृत् adj. dhRt supporting
दृत adj. dRta honoured
दृत adj. dRta respected
दृत adj. dRta honored
दृता f. dRtA cumin
दृति m. dRti pair of bellows
दृति m. dRti skin of leather
दृति m. dRti bag
दृति m. dRti piece of leather
दृति m. dRti fish
दृति m. dRti leather bag for holding water and other fluids
दृति m. dRti leather water bag
दृति m. dRti skin
दृति m. dRti cloud [used figuratively only]
दृति m. dRti hide
दृति m. dRti skin or hide
धृत adj. dhRta continuing
धृत adj. dhRta prolonged
धृत adj. dhRta held
धृत adj. dhRta supported or kept
धृत adj. dhRta observed
धृत adj. dhRta turned towards or fixed upon
धृत adj. dhRta quoted
धृत adj. dhRta cited by
धृत adj. dhRta being
धृत adj. dhRta measured
धृत adj. dhRta drawn tight
धृत adj. dhRta resolved on
धृत adj. dhRta practised
धृत adj. dhRta kept back
धृत adj. dhRta deposited as surety
धृत adj. dhRta ready or prepared for
धृत adj. dhRta pledged
धृत adj. dhRta worn [cloths, disguise, etc]
धृत adj. dhRta used
धृत adj. dhRta detained
धृत adj. dhRta weighed
धृत adj. dhRta possessed
धृत adj. dhRta maintained
धृत adj. dhRta borne
धृत adj. dhRta existing
धृत n. dhRta particular manner of fighting
धृति f. dhRti steadiness
धृति f. dhRti resolution
धृति f. dhRti supporting
धृति f. dhRti keeping
धृति f. dhRti constancy
धृति f. dhRti Resolution or Satisfaction personified as a daughter of dakSa and wife of dharma or as a zakti
धृति f. dhRti will
धृति f. dhRti content
धृति f. dhRti seizing
धृति f. dhRti firmness
धृति f. dhRti joy
धृति f. dhRti holding
धृति f. dhRti firm bearing
धृति f. dhRti any offering or sacrifice
धृति f. dhRti satisfaction
धृत्वा ind. dhRtvA having held or borne
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan virtue
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan brahman
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan sea
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan clever man
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan supporter
धृत्वन् m. dhRtvan sky
धृतवत् adj. dhRtavat one who has firmly resolved upon
धृतवत् adj. dhRtavat one who has held or taken or conveyed
धृतश्री f. dhRtazrI kind of metre
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat satisfied
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat steadfast
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat calm
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat content
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat resolute
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS disheartening
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS fortitude-stealing
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS agitating
धृत्रज m. dhRtraja son of dhRtarASTra
धृत्वरी f. dhRtvarI earth
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra carrier of skins and bags
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra water carrier
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra carrier of leather and hides
दृतिहरि adj. dRtihari carrying a leather skin or bags
दृतिहरि m. dRtihari dog
धृतचाप adj. dhRtacApa armed with 2 bow
धृतहेति adj. dhRtaheti armed
धृतहेति adj. dhRtaheti bearing weapons
धृतपट adj. dhRtapaTa covered or overspread with a cloth
धृतार्चिस् m. dhRtArcis of constant splendour
धृतात्मन् adj. dhRtAtman firm-minded
धृतात्मन् adj. dhRtAtman calm
धृतात्मन् adj. dhRtAtman steady
धृतिमय adj. dhRtimaya consisting of constancy or contentment
धृतदक्ष adj. dhRtadakSa attentive or constant
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