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धृति f. dhRti courage
धृति f. dhRti self-command
दृति m. dRti skin or hide
दृति m. dRti skin of leather
दृति m. dRti pair of bellows
दृति m. dRti leather bag for holding water and other fluids
दृति m. dRti bag
दृति m. dRti piece of leather
दृति m. dRti fish
दृति m. dRti skin
दृति m. dRti leather water bag
दृति m. dRti hide
दृति m. dRti cloud [used figuratively only]
धृति f. dhRti constancy
धृति f. dhRti seizing
धृति f. dhRti resolution
धृति f. dhRti keeping
धृति f. dhRti Resolution or Satisfaction personified as a daughter of dakSa and wife of dharma or as a zakti
धृति f. dhRti firmness
धृति f. dhRti supporting
धृति f. dhRti satisfaction
धृति f. dhRti firm bearing
धृति f. dhRti holding
धृति f. dhRti any offering or sacrifice
धृति f. dhRti will
धृति f. dhRti content
धृति f. dhRti steadiness
धृति f. dhRti joy
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat resolute
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat content
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat calm
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat steadfast
धृतिमत् adj. dhRtimat satisfied
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS disheartening
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS fortitude-stealing
धृतिमुष् adj. dhRtimuS agitating
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra water carrier
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra carrier of leather and hides
दृतिहार m. dRtihAra carrier of skins and bags
दृतिहरि adj. dRtihari carrying a leather skin or bags
दृतिहरि m. dRtihari dog
धृतिमय adj. dhRtimaya consisting of constancy or contentment
धृतिमालिन् m. dhRtimAlin particular magic. formula spoken over weapons
धृतिगृहीत adj. dhRtigRhIta armed with constancy and resolution
दृतिधारक m. dRtidhAraka kind of plant
धृतिपरीतात्मन् adj. dhRtiparItAtman joyful in mind
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