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धारणा f. dhAraNA concentration
धारण n. dhAraNa wearing
धारणशक्ति f. dhAraNazakti capacity [techn.]
धारण तथा वहन n. dhAraNa tathA vahana wearing and carrying
सम्पत्ति-धारणाधिकार m. sampatti-dhAraNAdhikAra tenure of property
निष्पत्ति-धारणं करोति verb 8 niSpatti-dhAraNaM karoti { kR } bear a ratio [Math.]
दारण adj. dAraNa splitting
दारण adj. dAraNa rending
दारण adj. dAraNa tearing
दरण n. daraNa cleaving
दरण n. daraNa falling away
दारण n. dAraNa clearing-nut plant
दरण n. daraNa rending
दारण n. dAraNa flying open
दारण n. dAraNa means of opening
दारण n. dAraNa act of tearing
दरण n. daraNa breaking
दारण n. dAraNa bursting
धारण adj. dhAraNa keeping
धारण adj. dhAraNa assuming the shape of
धारण adj. dhAraNa having
धरण adj. dharaNa possessing
धारण adj. dhAraNa bearing
धारण adj. dhAraNa maintaining
धारण adj. dhAraNa holding
धरण adj. dharaNa supporting
धारण adj. dhAraNa protecting
धारण adj. dhAraNa retention
धरण adj. dharaNa bearing
धारण adj. dhAraNa possessing
धरण adj. dharaNa holding
धारण adj. dhAraNa preserving
धारण adj. dhAraNa resembling
धारणा f. dhAraNA righteousness
धारणा f. dhAraNA certainty
धारणा f. dhAraNA keeping back
धारणा f. dhAraNA firmness
धारणा f. dhAraNA retaining
धारणा f. dhAraNA understanding
धारणा f. dhAraNA fixed preceptor settled rule
धारणा f. dhAraNA bearing
धारणा f. dhAraNA maintaining
धारणा f. dhAraNA supporting
धारणा f. dhAraNA wearing
धारणा f. dhAraNA collection or concentration of the mind
धारणा f. dhAraNA act of holding
धारणा f. dhAraNA steadfastness
धारणा f. dhAraNA intellect
धारणा f. dhAraNA 8th to the 11th day in the light half of month jyaiSTha
धारणा f. dhAraNA good memory
धरण m. dharaNa female breast
धरण m. dharaNa sun
धारण m. dhAraNa two female breasts
धरण m. dharaNa dike or bank
धरण m. dharaNa rice-corn
धरण m. dharaNa world
धारण n. dhAraNa maintenance
धरण n. dharaNa procuring
धारण n. dhAraNa restraining
धरण n. dharaNa act of bearing
धारण n. dhAraNa immovable concentration of the mind upon
धरण n. dharaNa prop
धरण n. dharaNa support
धरण n. dharaNa particular high number
धारण n. dhAraNa act of holding
धारण n. dhAraNa keeping back i.e. pronouncing imperfectly
धरण n. dharaNa stay
धारण n. dhAraNa memory
धारण n. dhAraNa keeping in remembrance
धरण n. dharaNa bringing
धारण n. dhAraNa enduring
धारण n. dhAraNa suffering
धारणक adj. dhAraNaka holding
धारणक adj. dhAraNaka consisting of
धारणक adj. dhAraNaka containing
धारणक m. dhAraNaka debtor
धारणावत् adj. dhAraNAvat connected with memory
धारणामय adj. dhAraNAmaya consisting in abstraction of the mind
धारणायोग m. dhAraNAyoga abstraction of the mind
धारणायोग m. dhAraNAyoga deep devotion
धरणान्वित adj. dharaNAnvita endowed with a good memory
धारणपात्र n. dhAraNapAtra kind of vessel or receptacle
धारणात्मक adj. dhAraNAtmaka one who easily collects or composes himself
धारणात्मक adj. dhAraNAtmaka that whose nature consists in bearing itself
धारणायुक्त adj. dhAraNAyukta connected with abstraction of the mind
धारणमातृका f. dhAraNamAtRkA one of the 64 arts
धारणयन्त्र n. dhAraNayantra kind of amulet
धारणाध्ययन n. dhAraNAdhyayana conservative method of reading
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