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धर्म m. dharma nature
धर्म m. dharma attribute
धर्म m. dharma manner
धर्मासन n. dharmAsana bench [Law, seat of judges]
वैशिक धर्म m. vaizika dharma tribal religion
धर्माधिकरण n. dharmAdhikaraNa court of justice
धर्माध्यक्षता f. dharmAdhyakSatA authority
धर्माध्यक्षता f. dharmAdhyakSatA administration
धर्माधिकारित्व n. dharmAdhikAritva authority
धर्माधिकारित्व n. dharmAdhikAritva government agency
धर्माधिकारित्व n. dharmAdhikAritva office
धर्माधिकारित्व n. dharmAdhikAritva administration
धर्महेतु असैन्यसेवी m. dharmahetu asainyasevI conscientious objector
दर्म m. darma demolisher
धर्म adj. dharma dharmA-knowing
धार्म adj. dhArma belonging to dharma
धार्म adj. dhArma relating to justice or virtue
धर्म m. dharma duty
धर्म m. dharma law of Northern Buddhism
धर्म m. dharma thing
धर्म m. dharma particular ceremony
धर्म m. dharma usage
धर्म m. dharma right
धर्म m. dharma steadfast decree
धर्म m. dharma morality
धर्म m. dharma virtue
धर्म m. dharma moral merit
धर्म m. dharma law or doctrine of Buddhism
धर्म m. dharma custom
धर्म m. dharma mark
धर्म m. dharma peculiar condition or essential quality
धर्म m. dharma righteousness
धर्म m. dharma customary observance or prescribed conduct
धर्म m. dharma ordinance
धर्म m. dharma religion
धर्म m. dharma property
धर्म m. dharma Law or Justice personified
धर्म m. dharma to become
धर्म m. dharma practice
धर्म m. dharma religious merit
धर्म m. dharma bow
धर्म m. dharma religious abstraction
धर्म m. dharma devotion
धर्म m. dharma character
धर्म m. dharma associating with the virtuous
धर्म m. dharma justice
धर्म m. dharma law
धर्म m. dharma ninth mansion
धर्म m. dharma observance
धर्म m. dharma propriety of conduct
धर्म m. dharma upaniSad
धर्म m. dharma ethical precepts of Buddhism
धर्म m. dharma peculiarity
धर्म m. dharma that which is established or firm
धर्म m. dharma good works
धर्म m. dharma statute
धर्मन् m. dharman supporter
धर्मन् m. dharman bearer
धर्मन् m. dharman arranger
धर्मन् n. dharman nature
धर्मन् n. dharman duty
धर्मन् n. dharman will
धर्मन् n. dharman custom
धर्मन् n. dharman pleasure
धर्मन् n. dharman prop
धर्मन् n. dharman mode
धर्मन् n. dharman any arrangement or disposition
धर्मन् n. dharman steadfast decree
धर्मन् n. dharman quality
धर्मन् n. dharman established order of things
धर्मन् n. dharman law
धर्मन् n. dharman rule
धर्मन् n. dharman hold
धर्मन् n. dharman characteristic mark or attribute
धर्मन् n. dharman practice
धर्मन् n. dharman manner
धर्मन् n. dharman support
धर्मद adj. dharmada giving or granting virtue
धर्माह m. dharmAha yesterday
धर्मज adj. dharmaja produced by a sense of duty
धर्मण m. dharmaNa kind of snake
धर्मण m. dharmaNa dhamnoo plant [Grewia Elastica - Bot.]
धर्मण m. dharmaNa kind of tree
धर्मसू adj. dharmasU promoting order or justice
धर्मसू m. dharmasU fork-tailed shrike
धर्मता f. dharmatA inherent nature
धर्मता f. dharmatA being law or right
धर्मता f. dharmatA essence
धर्मयु adj. dharmayu righteous
धर्मयु adj. dharmayu virtuous
धर्मदृश् adj. dharmadRz regarding piety
धर्मदृश् adj. dharmadRz seeing the right
धर्माङ्गा f. dharmAGgA heron
धर्माङ्ग m. dharmAGga whose body is the law
धर्मगुप् adj. dharmagup protecting or observing the law
धर्मज्ञ adj. dharmajJa knowing the law or what is right
धर्मकृत् adj. dharmakRt virtuous
धर्मकृत् adj. dharmakRt doing one's duty
धर्मकृत् m. dharmakRt maintainer of order
धर्मराज् m. dharmarAj of a king of the herons
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