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धर्मन् m. dharman supporter
धर्मन् m. dharman bearer
धर्मन् m. dharman arranger
धर्मन् n. dharman mode
धर्मन् n. dharman rule
धर्मन् n. dharman duty
धर्मन् n. dharman practice
धर्मन् n. dharman will
धर्मन् n. dharman established order of things
धर्मन् n. dharman prop
धर्मन् n. dharman nature
धर्मन् n. dharman steadfast decree
धर्मन् n. dharman characteristic mark or attribute
धर्मन् n. dharman custom
धर्मन् n. dharman quality
धर्मन् n. dharman any arrangement or disposition
धर्मन् n. dharman law
धर्मन् n. dharman manner
धर्मन् n. dharman hold
धर्मन् n. dharman support
धर्मन् n. dharman pleasure
धर्मण m. dharmaNa kind of snake
धर्मण m. dharmaNa kind of tree
धर्मण m. dharmaNa dhamnoo plant [Grewia Elastica - Bot.]
धर्माङ्गा f. dharmAGgA heron
धर्माङ्ग m. dharmAGga whose body is the law
धर्मानल m. dharmAnala fire of justice
धर्मनाशा f. dharmanAzA law-ruin
धर्मान्धु m. dharmAndhu name of a sacred well
धर्मान्धु m. dharmAndhu well of virtue
धर्मनाभ m. dharmanAbha of a king
धर्मनाभ m. dharmanAbha law-centre
धर्मनाथ m. dharmanAtha legal protector
धर्मन्दद adj. dharmandada giving the law
धर्मनेत्र m. dharmanetra name of a son of haihaya
धर्मनेत्र m. dharmanetra law-eyed
धर्मनेत्र m. dharmanetra name of a son of suvrata
धर्मनेत्र m. dharmanetra name of a son of taMsu and father of duSmanta
धर्मनित्य adj. dharmanitya constant in duty
धर्मान्वय m. dharmAnvaya obedience to law
धर्मनिष्ठ adj. dharmaniSTha grounded on or devoted to virtue
धर्मनिष्ठ adj. dharmaniSTha devout
धर्मनिवेश m. dharmaniveza religious devotion
धर्मानुसार m. dharmAnusAra course or practice of duty
धर्मानुसार m. dharmAnusAra conformity to law or virtue
धर्मञिज्ञासा f. dharmaJijJAsA inquiry into the law
धर्मनन्दन m. dharmanandana sons of pANDu
धर्मनन्दन m. dharmanandana dharma's joy or son
धर्मानुस्मृति f. dharmAnusmRti continual meditation on the law
धर्मनिबन्ध m. dharmanibandha attachment to law
धर्मनिबन्ध m. dharmanibandha virtue
धर्मनिबन्ध m. dharmanibandha piety
धर्मनिष्पत्ति f. dharmaniSpatti moral or religious observance
धर्मनिष्पत्ति f. dharmaniSpatti fulfilment of duty
धर्मानुष्ठान n. dharmAnuSThAna virtuous or moral conduct
धर्मानुष्ठान n. dharmAnuSThAna fulfilment of duty
धर्मानुकाङ्क्षिन् adj. dharmAnukAGkSin striving after justice or what is right
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