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धवलसैकजा f. dhavalasaikajA cristobalite [silica in white octahedrons]
धवल adj. dhavala dazzling white
धवल adj. dhavala beautiful
धवल adj. dhavala handsome
धवल f. dhavala white cow
धवल m. dhavala kind of dove
धवल m. dhavala axle wood tree [Anogeissus Latifolia - Bot.]
धवल m. dhavala kind of camphor
धवल m. dhavala white [color]
धवल m. dhavala old or excellent bull
धवल n. dhavala kind of metre
धवल n. dhavala white pepper
दावलता f. dAvalatA creeper in a burning fire
धवलता f. dhavalatA whiteness
धवलय verb dhavalaya whiten st.
धवलाङ्क m. dhavalAGka kind of metre
धवलत्व n. dhavalatva whiteness
धवलगिरि m. dhavalagiri white or snowy mountain name of one of the highest peaks of the himAlayas
धवलगृह n. dhavalagRha upper story of a house
धवलायते verb dhavalAyate become white
धवलायते verb dhavalAyate shine brightly
धवलयति verb dhavalayati { dhavalaya } make white
धवलयति verb dhavalayati { dhavalaya } illuminate
धवलायित adj. dhavalAyita become white
धवलमुख m. dhavalamukha white-mouthed
धवलपक्ष m. dhavalapakSa goose
धवलपक्ष m. dhavalapakSa light half of the month
धवलपक्ष m. dhavalapakSa white-winged
धवलमृत्तिका f. dhavalamRttikA white earth
धवलमृत्तिका f. dhavalamRttikA chalk
धवलयावनाल m. dhavalayAvanAla white yAvanAla
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