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दिक् n. dik direction
धिक् indecl. dhik Fie! [Used as an interjection of reproach]
दिक्चक्र n. dikcakra horizon
दिक्पथ m. dikpatha horizon
धिक् अस्तु sent. dhik astu Shame on you!
दिक्स्थिति f. diksthiti bearing [Math.]
माम् धिक् अस्तु sent. mAm dhik astu Shame be upon me!
उपभोक्त्रा-धिक्य n. upabhoktrA-dhikya consumer's surplus [Econ.]
धिक् ind. dhik used as a prefix or as an interj. of reproach
धिक् indecl. dhik Shame! [Used as an interjection of reproach]
धिक् indecl. dhik What a pity! [Used as an interjection of displeasure]
दीक्षा f. dIkSA exclusive occupation with
दीक्षा f. dIkSA preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony
दीक्षा f. dIkSA undertaking religious observances for a particular purpose and the observances themselves
दीक्षा f. dIkSA initiation
दीक्षा f. dIkSA complete resignation or restriction to
दीक्षा f. dIkSA any serious preparation
दीक्षा f. dIkSA dedication
दीक्षा f. dIkSA self-devotion to a person or god
दीक्षा f. dIkSA initiator
धिक्क m. dhikka twenty-year-old elephant
दीक्षिन् adj. dIkSin one who has been initiated
दिक्तस् ind. diktas from the regions of the sky
दिक्कर adj. dikkara juvenile
दिक्कर adj. dikkara youthful
दिक्कर m. dikkara youth
दिक्करी f. dikkarI young woman
दिक्पति m. dikpati regent or guardian of a quarter of the sky
दीक्षक m. dIkSaka spiritual guide
दीक्षक m. dIkSaka priest
दीक्षण n. dIkSaNa consecrating one's self or causing one's self to be consecrated
दीक्षण n. dIkSaNa initiation
दीक्षण n. dIkSaNa consecration
दीक्षते verb dIkSate { dIkS } consecrate or dedicate one's self
दीक्षते verb dIkSate { dIkS } dedicate one's self to a monastic order
दीक्षित adj. dIkSita prepared
दीक्षित adj. dIkSita ready for
दीक्षित adj. dIkSita consecrated
दीक्षित adj. dIkSita initiated into
दीक्षित adj. dIkSita performed
दीक्षित m. dIkSita priest engaged in a dIkSA
दीक्षित m. dIkSita pupil of
दीक्षित ppp. dIkSita ordained
दीक्षितृ m. dIkSitR consecrator
दिक्तट m. diktaTa line of the horizon
दिक्तट m. diktaTa remotest distance
दिक्शूल n. dikzUla sky-spear
दिक्शूल n. dikzUla any inauspicious planetary conjunction
धिक्कार m. dhikkAra disapproval
धिक्कार m. dhikkAra contempt
धिक्कार m. dhikkAra reproach
धिक्कार m. dhikkAra scoffing
धिक्कार m. dhikkAra censure
धिक्कृत adj. dhikkRta reproached
धिक्कृत adj. dhikkRta derided
धिक्कृत adj. dhikkRta mocked
धिक्कृत n. dhikkRta contempt
धिक्कृत n. dhikkRta reproach
धिक्षते verb dhikSate { dhikS } be weary or harassed
धिक्षते verb dhikSate { dhIkS } wish to anoint
धिक्षते verb dhikSate { dhikS } kindle
धिक्षते verb dhikSate { dhikS } live
धीक्षते verb Desid. dhIkSate { dih } wish to anoint one's self
दिक्चक्र n. dikcakra circuit of the quarter of the compass
दिक्चक्र n. dikcakra whole world
दिक्चक्र n. dikcakra compass
दिक्कन्या f. dikkanyA quarter of the sky deified as a young virgin
दिक्करिन् m. dikkarin one of the mythical elephants which stand in the four or eight quarters of the sky and support the earth
दिक्करिन् m. dikkarin elephant of the quarter
दिक्पथ m. dikpatha path of the horizon
दिक्पथ m. dikpatha surrounding region or quarter
दिक्साम्य n. diksAmya sameness of direction
दिक्तुल्य adj. diktulya having the same direction
धीकर्मन् n. dhIkarman object of perception or understanding
दिक्छब्द m. dikchabda word denoting a direction
दिक्कुमार m. dikkumAra class of deities
दिक्कुमार m. dikkumAra youths of the quarter
दीक्षागुरु m. dIkSAguru teacher of initiation
दीक्षामय adj. dIkSAmaya consisting in initiation
दीक्षणीय adj. dIkSaNIya to be consecrated or initiated
दीक्षणीय adj. dIkSaNIya relating to consecration
दीक्षापाल m. dIkSApAla guardian of initiation
दीक्षयते verb caus. dIkSayate { dIkS } make ready
दीक्षयते verb caus. dIkSayate { dIkS } prepare
दीक्षयते verb caus. dIkSayate { dIkS } consecrate
दीक्षयते verb caus. dIkSayate { dIkS } initiate
दीक्षयते verb caus. dIkSayate { dIkS } consecrate as a king
दीक्षयति verb caus. dIkSayati { dIkS } consecrate as a king
दीक्षयति verb caus. dIkSayati { dIkS } make ready
दीक्षयति verb caus. dIkSayati { dIkS } prepare
दीक्षयति verb caus. dIkSayati { dIkS } consecrate
दीक्षयति verb caus. dIkSayati { dIkS } initiate
दीक्षयितृ m. dIkSayitR consecrator
दीक्षितीय adj. dIkSitIya written by a dIkSita
दिक्स्रक्ति adj. diksrakti having the angles or corners towards the quarters of the compass
दीक्षाकारिन् adj. dIkSAkArin consecrating
दीक्षाकारिन् adj. dIkSAkArin initiating
दीक्षाफल n. dIkSAphala fruit of initiation
धिक् करोति verb dhik karoti { dhikkR } reproach
धिक् करोति verb dhik karoti { dhikkR } reprimand
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