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ध्रुव adj. dhruva stable
ध्रुव adj. dhruva fixed
ध्रुवक n. dhruvaka hard disk [computer]
ध्रुवसद् adj. dhruvasad resting on firm ground
ध्रुवत्व n. dhruvatva certainty
ध्रुवसङ्केत m. dhruvasaGketa base address [computer]
ध्रुववृत्तक n. dhruvavRttaka hard disk [computer]
ध्रुवनिवर्तक n. dhruvanivartaka hard return [computer]
ध्रुवतन्त्रांश m. dhruvatantrAMza firmware [computer]
ध्रुवपङ्क्तिच्छेद m. dhruvapaGkticcheda hard return [computer]
ध्रुवपृष्ठच्छेद m. dhruvapRSThaccheda hard page break [computer]
दृवन् adj. dRvan piercing
ध्रुव adj. dhruva unchangeable
ध्रुव adj. dhruva sure
ध्रुव adj. dhruva settled
ध्रुव adj. dhruva eternal
ध्रुव adj. dhruva constant
ध्रुव adj. dhruva lasting
ध्रुव adj. dhruva permanent
ध्रुव adj. dhruva immovable
ध्रुव adj. dhruva firm [fixed]
ध्रुव adj. dhruva certain
ध्रुव adj. dhruva staying with
ध्रुव m. dhruva knot
ध्रुव m. dhruva polar star
ध्रुव m. dhruva medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum - Bot.]
ध्रुव m. dhruva any epoch to which a computation of dates is referred
ध्रुव m. dhruva introductory verse of a song or a particular time or measure
ध्रुव m. dhruva particular water-bird
ध्रुव m. dhruva unchangeable longitude of fixed stars
ध्रुव m. dhruva pole star
ध्रुव m. dhruva constant arc
ध्रुव m. dhruva stake
ध्रुव m. dhruva tip of the nose
ध्रुव m. dhruva remaining graha which having been drawn in the morning is not offered till evening
ध्रुव m. dhruva post
ध्रुव m. dhruva introductory verse of a song [in music]
ध्रुव m. dhruva particular mode of life
ध्रुव m. dhruva celestial pole
ध्रुव m. dhruva Ceylon bowstring-hemp [Sanseviera zeylanica - Bot]
ध्रुव m. dhruva Indian fig-tree
ध्रुव n. dhruva fixed point
ध्रुव n. dhruva atmosphere
ध्रुव n. dhruva kind of house
ध्रुव n. dhruva enduring sound
ध्रुव n. dhruva air
ध्रुवम् ind. dhruvam certainly
ध्रुवम् ind. dhruvam surely
ध्रुवम् ind. dhruvam constantly
ध्रुवम् ind. dhruvam firmly
ध्रुवस् adverb dhruvas certainly
द्रुवय m. druvaya wooden part of a drum
द्रुवय m. druvaya wooden vessel or dish
द्रुवय m.n. druvaya a wooden measure
ध्रुवक m. dhruvaka post
ध्रुवक m. dhruvaka pale
ध्रुवक m. dhruvaka unchangeable longitude of fixed stars
ध्रुवक m. dhruvaka stake
ध्रुवसे ind. dhruvase to stop or rest
ध्रुवति verb dhruvati { dhru } go
ध्रुवति verb dhruvati { dhru } be firm or fixed
ध्रुवाय indecl. dhruvAya forever
ध्रुवत्व n. dhruvatva quick time or measure
ध्रुवच्युत् adj. dhruvacyut shaking the immovable
ध्रुवाडक n. dhruvADaka kind of dance
ध्रुवाडक n. dhruvADaka above
ध्रुवगति adj. dhruvagati going firmly
ध्रुवगति f. dhruvagati firm position
ध्रुवगोप m. dhruvagopa protector of the grahas called dhruva
ध्रुवकेतु m. dhruvaketu kind of meteor
ध्रुवक्षित् adj. dhruvakSit inhabitants of dhruva
ध्रुवक्षित् adj. dhruvakSit resting firmly
ध्रुवराहु m. dhruvarAhu form of rAhu
ध्रुवस्त्री f. dhruvastrI virtuous woman
ध्रुवतारा f. dhruvatArA polar star
ध्रुवयोनि adj. dhruvayoni having a firm resting-place
ध्रुवशिल adj. dhruvazila having a fixed residence
ध्रुव तारा f. dhruva tArA polar star
ध्रुवभाग m. dhruvabhAga unchangeable longitude of fixed stars
ध्रुवाक्षर n. dhruvAkSara eternal syllable Om as name of viSNu
ध्रुवक्षेम adj. dhruvakSema firmly fixed
ध्रुवक्षेम adj. dhruvakSema immovable
ध्रुवक्षिति adj. dhruvakSiti having a firm position or abode
ध्रुवक्षिति m. dhruvakSiti particular personification
ध्रुवनृत्य n. dhruvanRtya particular dance
ध्रुवस्मृति f. dhruvasmRti strong or retentive memory
ध्रुवावर्त m. dhruvAvarta point on the crown of the head from which the hairs radiate
ध्रुवयष्टि f. dhruvayaSTi axis of the poles
ध्रुवसन्धि m. dhruvasandhi whose alliance is sure
ध्रुवसन्धि m. dhruvasandhi name of a son of puSya
ध्रुवसिद्धि m. dhruvasiddhi through whom cure is sure
ध्रुवस्थाली f. dhruvasthAlI vessel for the graha called dhruva
ध्रुवतारक n. dhruvatAraka polar star
ध्रुवलक्षण n. dhruvalakSaNa mark of recurring verses
ध्रुवमण्डल n. dhruvamaNDala polar region
ध्रुवगीतनृत्य n. dhruvagItanRtya particular dance
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