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ध्वज m. dhvaja banner
ध्वज m. dhvaja flag
ध्वजवत् adj. dhvajavat flagged [decorated with flags]
द्वाज m. dvAja son of two fathers
ध्वज m. dhvaja standard (banner)
ध्वज m. dhvaja ornament of
ध्वज m. dhvaja sign of any trade and the business there carried on
ध्वज m. dhvaja attribute of a deity
ध्वज m. dhvaja skull carried on a staff
ध्वज m. dhvaja distiller or vendor of spirituous liquors
ध्वज m. dhvaja place prepared in a peculiar way for building an iambic
ध्वज m. dhvaja mark
ध्वज m. dhvaja flag-staff
ध्वज m. dhvaja emblem
ध्वज m. dhvaja characteristic
ध्वज m. dhvaja particular kind of kramapATha
ध्वज m. dhvaja hypocrisy
ध्वज m. dhvaja standard
ध्वज m. dhvaja ensign
ध्वज m. dhvaja pride
ध्वज m. dhvaja organ of generation
ध्वज m. dhvaja sign
ध्वज m. dhvaja arrogance
ध्वजति verb 1 dhvajati { dhvaj } move
ध्वजति verb 1 dhvajati { dhvaj } go
ध्वजाग्र m. dhvajAgra particular samAdhi
ध्वजाग्र m. dhvajAgra particular roma-vivara
ध्वजाग्र n. dhvajAgra top of a standard
ध्वजवत् adj. dhvajavat bearing a mark or sign
ध्वजवत् adj. dhvajavat decorated with banners
ध्वजवत् m. dhvajavat vendor of spirituous liquors
ध्वजवत् m. dhvajavat Brahman who having slain another carries the skull of the murdered man by way of penance
ध्वजवत् m. dhvajavat name of a divine attendant of a bodhisattva
ध्वजवत् m. dhvajavat standard-bearer
ध्वजगृह n. dhvajagRha room in which banners are kept or from which banners wave
ध्वजाहृत adj. dhvajAhRta plundered on the battle-field
ध्वजाकार adj. dhvajAkAra furnished with a banner
ध्वजपट m. dhvajapaTa flag
ध्वजपट m. dhvajapaTa banner-cloth
ध्वजारोह m. dhvajAroha kind of ornament on a flag
ध्वजद्रुम adj. dhvajadruma having banners for trees
ध्वजद्रुम m. dhvajadruma palm tree
ध्वजग्रीव m. dhvajagrIva banner- necked
ध्वजराजिन् adj. dhvajarAjin displaying flags or banners
ध्वजवृक्ष m. dhvajavRkSa toddy palm [Caryota Urens - Bot.]
ध्वजयष्टि f. dhvajayaSTi flag-staff
ध्वजभङ्ग m. dhvajabhaGga fracture or fall of a banner
ध्वजभङ्ग m. dhvajabhaGga impotence
ध्वजभङ्ग m. dhvajabhaGga fall of the male organ
ध्वजनवमी f. dhvajanavamI particular festival
ध्वजारोपण n. dhvajAropaNa raising a flag
ध्वजयन्त्र n. dhvajayantra any contrivance for fastening a flag-staff
ध्वजयन्त्र n. dhvajayantra banner-instrument
ध्वजपताकिन् adj. dhvajapatAkin furnished with banners and trees
ध्वजाग्रकेयूर m. dhvajAgrakeyUra ring on the top of a standard
ध्वजप्रहरण m. dhvajapraharaNa air
ध्वजप्रहरण m. dhvajapraharaNa wind
ध्वजप्रहरण m. dhvajapraharaNa banner-striking
ध्वजसमुच्छ्रय m. dhvajasamucchraya raising a flag
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