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दिष्ट adj. diSTa shown, pointed out
दिष्ट adj. diSTa directed
दिष्ट n. diSTa goal
दिष्ट n. diSTa aim
दिष्ट n. diSTa instruction
दिष्ट n. diSTa directive
प्रति-दिष्ट adj. prati-diSTa contraindicated [Med.]
दिष्ट adj. diSTa shown
दिष्ट adj. diSTa pointed out
दिष्ट adj. diSTa appointed
दिष्ट adj. diSTa bidden
दिष्ट adj. diSTa assigned
दिष्ट adj. diSTa fixed
दिष्ट adj. diSTa settled
दिष्ट m. diSTa time
दिष्ट m. diSTa sort of turmeric
दिष्ट n. diSTa order
दिष्ट n. diSTa description according to space and time
दिष्ट n. diSTa assignment
दिष्ट n. diSTa destiny
दिष्ट n. diSTa allotment
दिष्ट n. diSTa fate
दिष्ट n. diSTa direction
दिष्ट n. diSTa appointed place
दिष्ट n. diSTa decree
दिष्टदृश् adj. diSTadRz looking at fate or at one's lot
दिष्टान्त m. diSTAnta death ["appointed state"]
दिष्टान्त m. diSTAnta appointed end i.e. death
दिष्टभुज् adj. diSTabhuj reaping the appointed results of one's works
दिष्टपर adj. diSTapara relying on fate
दिष्टपर adj. diSTapara fatalist
दिष्टभाव m. diSTabhAva appointed state i.e. death
दिष्टकारिन् adj. diSTakArin executing an order or acting according to fate
दिष्टगमन n. diSTagamana death
दिष्टगमन n. diSTagamana dying
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