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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
हेतुविद्या f. hetuvidyA dialectics
तर्क m. tarka dialectics
हेतुशास्त्र n. hetuzAstra dialectics
तार्किक m. tArkika dialectician
तार्किक m. tArkika dialectician
स्थापना f. sthApanA dialectical proof
उपभाषा f. upabhASA secondary dialect
सरस्वतीबालवाणी f. sarasvatIbAlavANI particular dialect
कर्णाटकभाषा f. karNATakabhASA dialect of karNATa
कार्णाटभाषा f. kArNATabhASA dialect of karNATa
शाबरी f. zAbarI dialect of the zabaras
व्राचट m. vrAcaTa kind of apabhraMza dialect
व्राचड m. vrAcaDa kind of apabhraMza dialect
उपनागर m. upanAgara particular Prakrit dialect
भाषान्तर n. bhASAntara another dialect or version
देशी f. dezI vulgar dialect of a country
देशभाषान्तर n. dezabhASAntara foreign language or dialect
प्राच्यभाषा f. prAcyabhASA dialect of the east of India
पिशाचभाषा f. pizAcabhASA corrupt dialect or gibberish
भूतभाषामय adj. bhUtabhASAmaya composed in the pizAca dialect
प्राकृतशासन n. prAkRtazAsana manual of the Prakrit dialects
देशभाषा f. dezabhASA language or dialect of a country
प्राच्या f. prAcyA dialect spoken in the east of India
अपभ्रंश m. apabhraMza most corrupt of the Prakrit dialects
हेतुशास्त्राश्रय m. hetuzAstrAzraya reliance on the science of dialectics
शाकारी f. zAkArI dialect spoken by the zakas or zakAras
शाकारिका f. zAkArikA dialect spoken by the zakas or zakAras
करम्भक n. karambhaka document drawn up in different dialects
स्थापन n. sthApana establishment or dialectical proof of a proposition
भाषा f. bhASA any Prakrit dialect or a particular group of 5 of them
कडवक n. kaDavaka section of a great poem written in an apabhraMza dialect
प्राकृत n. prAkRta any provincial or vernacular dialect cognate with Sanskrit
अलले ind. alale word of no import occurring in the dialect or gibberish of the pizAcas
ग्राम्य n. grAmya Prakrit and the other dialects of India as contra-distinguished from the Sanskrit
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