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वाकोवाक्य n. vAkovAkya dialogue
संवादमञ्जूषा f. saMvAdamaJjUSA dialog box [computer]
संवादपेटिका f. saMvAdapeTikA dialog box [computer]
संवादपिटक m. saMvAdapiTaka dialog box [computer]
संवादकक्ष m. saMvAdakakSa dialog box [computer]
संवादः / कथा समीचीना अस्ति sent. saMvAdaH / kathA samIcInA asti The dialogue / story is good.
संवाद m. saMvAda dialogue
संलाप m. saMlApa dialogue
गोष्ठ n. goSTha dialogue
वाकोपवाक n. vAkopavAka dialogue
संलापक m. saMlApaka kind of dialogue
प्रगयण n. pragayaNa kind of dialogue
प्रपञ्च m. prapaJca ludicrous dialogue
द्वन्द्वालाप m. dvandvAlApa dialogue between two persons
संलाप m. saMlApa kind of dialogue in dramatics [passionless , but full of manly sentiments]
गुरुशिष्यसंवाद m. guruziSyasaMvAda dialogue between teacher and pupil
पूर्वसञ्जल्प m. pUrvasaJjalpa introduction in the form of a dialogue
उद्घात्य n. udghAtya dialogue carried on in short abrupt but significant words
उद्घातक n. udghAtaka dialogue carried on in short abrupt but significant words
प्रस्तावना f. prastAvanA introductory dialogue spoken by the manager and one of the actors
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