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पाचक m. pAcaka digester [that aids digestion]
पाचन n. pAcana digestion
पाचन n. pAcana digestion
जरा f. jarA digestion
परिणति f. pariNati digestion
परिणति f. pariNati digestion
पक्ति f. pakti digestion
जीर्णि f. jIrNi digestion
परिपक्वता f. paripakvatA digestion
पाक m. pAka digestion
प्रपाक m. prapAka digestion
परिणाम m. pariNAma digestion
परिपाक m. paripAka digestion
आहारपाक m. AhArapAka digestion
जीर्ण n. jIrNa digestion
जरण n. jaraNa digestion
विपाक m. vipAka bad digestion
लघुपाक m. laghupAka easy digestion
शुक्तपाक m. zuktapAka acid digestion
लघुपाक adj. laghupAka easy of digestion
पाचक adj. pAcaka causing digestion
आशयाग्नि m. AzayAgni fire of digestion
उदरस्थ m. udarastha fire of digestion
वह्नि m. vahni fire of digestion
वैश्वानर m. vaizvAnara fire of digestion
पक्तिनाशन adj. paktinAzana spoiling digestion
पक्ति f. pakti place of digestion
अग्निशक्ति f. agnizakti force of digestion
पक्तृ m. paktR force of digestion
पक्तिस्थान n. paktisthAna place of digestion
दीप्य adj. dIpya promoting digestion
अग्निवर्धक adj. agnivardhaka promoting digestion
पाकिन् adj. pAkin promoting digestion
अग्निवर्धन adj. agnivardhana promoting digestion
जरण adj. jaraNa promoting digestion
पक्तृ adj. paktR promoting digestion
दीपनीय adj. dIpanIya promoting digestion
वह्निकर adj. vahnikara promoting digestion
अत्यग्नि m. atyagni too rapid digestion
अग्निसम्भव m. agnisambhava result of digestion
दीपन n. dIpana promoting digestion
अग्निसन्दीपन adj. agnisandIpana stimulating digestion
मधुरविपाक adj. madhuravipAka sweet after digestion
मन्दाग्नि adj. mandAgni having weak digestion
दिप्ताग्निता f. diptAgnitA goodness of digestion
अग्निसाद m. agnisAda weakness of digestion
मन्दाग्नि m. mandAgni slowness of digestion
अग्निमान्द्य n. agnimAndya slowness of digestion
अनलदीपन adj. analadIpana exciting the digestion
गुरुपाक adj. gurupAka difficult of digestion
दुर्बलाग्नि adj. durbalAgni having a weak digestion
अग्निमत् adj. agnimat having a good digestion
आजीर्णान्तम् ind. AjIrNAntam to the end of digestion
तीक्ष्णविपाक adj. tIkSNavipAka pungent during digestion
अग्निवृद्धि f. agnivRddhi improvement of digestion
अत्यग्नि m. atyagni morbidly rapid digestion
अग्निदीप्ति f. agnidIpti active state of digestion
आमपाचिन् adj. AmapAcin assisting or causing digestion
अवक्वाथ m. avakvAtha imperfect digestion or decoction
पाक m. pAka digestion or assimilation of food
कटुपाक adj. kaTupAka producing acrid humors in digestion
नारिष्ठ m. nAriSTha fire of digestion and the wind of breath
विदग्ध adj. vidagdha cooked by internal heat as by the fire of digestion
विपाक m. vipAka digestion conversion of food into a state for assimilation
भस्मक n. bhasmaka particular disease of the eyes or morbid appetite from over-digestion
भस्मक n. bhasmaka particular disease of the eyes or morbid appetite from over-digestion
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