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उग्र-ताम्बूल n. ugra-tAmbUla traditional after-meal digestive aid embellished with some tobacco
पक्तृ adj. paktR digestive
पाचनीय adj. pAcanIya digestive
दीपन adj. dIpana digestive
पाचयितृ adj. pAcayitR digestive
पाचक adj. pAcaka digestive
पाचन adj. pAcana digestive
जारक adj. jAraka digestive
पाचनक n. pAcanaka digestive
दीपनीय n. dIpanIya digestive
कुपाक m. kupAka not digestive
पक्तृ n. paktR digestive fire
अनल m. anala digestive power
अन्तरग्नि m. antaragni digestive force
जाठर adj. jAThara digestive faculty
अग्नि m. agni digestive faculty
कोष्ठाग्नि m. koSThAgni digestive faculty
उदराग्नि m. udarAgni digestive faculty
दीपन n. dIpana digestive or tonic
कायाग्नि m. kAyAgni digestive secretion
जठराग्नि m. jaTharAgni digestive stomach-fire
पक्तिदृष्टि f. paktidRSTi digestive organs and sight
यथाग्नि ind. yathAgni according to the digestive power
मन्दत्व n. mandatva weakness of the digestive faculty
विपाकदोष m. vipAkadoSa morbid affection of the digestive powers
ताम्बूल n. tAmbUla areca-nut and other aromatic condiments wrapped in betel-leaf chewed after a meal as breath-freshener and digestive aid
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