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निखनन n. nikhanana digging in
खन adj. khana digging
खा adj. khA digging
खाति f. khAti digging
उत्खनन n. utkhanana digging
खनन n. khanana digging
उद्धूत n. uddhUta digging
खनि adj. khani digging up
उत्खातम् ind. utkhAtam digging up
निखान m. nikhAna digging in
विखनन n. vikhanana digging up
अखनत् adj. akhanat not digging
उत्खानम् ind. utkhAnam digging out
खात n. khAta digging a hole
मूलोत्खात n. mUlotkhAta digging up root
खनित्रिम adj. khanitrima produced by digging
मूलोत्पातन n. mUlotpAtana digging up of roots
समुल्लेख m. samullekha digging up all round
खनि adj. khani digging or rooting up
ह्रेषुक m. hreSuka instrument for digging
खनित्र n. khanitra instrument for digging
उत्खनन n. utkhanana digging or tearing out
खनन n. khanana digging into the earth
अवदारक adj. avadAraka splitting open i.e. digging
गुप्ति f. gupti digging a hole in the ground
खनन n. khanana act of digging or excavating
दारयति verb dArayati { dRR } divide by splitting or digging
दारयते verb dArayate { dRR } divide by splitting or digging
रसाखन m. rasAkhana digging or scratching in the soil
अभितृणत्ति verb abhitRNatti { abhitRd } procure waters by digging a well
मूलोत्पातनजीवि m. mUlotpAtanajIvi one who lives by digging for roots
खात्रखनन n. khAtrakhanana digging holes in a wall or breaches
दूरखातोदक adj. dUrakhAtodaka where water is only found after deep digging
स्थूणानिखननन्याय m. sthUNAnikhanananyAya rule of digging or fixing a post more deeply into the soil
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