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उन्मत्त adj. unmatta distracted
अन्यचित्त adj. anyacitta distracted
अन्यचेतस् adj. anyacetas distracted
कार्यद्वयाकुल adj. kAryadvayAkula distracted by having two things to do at one time
व्यग्र adj. vyagra distracted
प्रमुषित adj. pramuSita distracted
व्यवदीर्ण adj. vyavadIrNa distracted
उन्मत्त adj. unmatta distracted
प्रकृष्ट adj. prakRSTa distracted
व्यग्र adj. vyagra distracted
व्याकुलित adj. vyAkulita distracted
सम्प्रमुषित adj. sampramuSita distracted
बहुलीकृत adj. bahulIkRta distracted
व्यामिश्र adj. vyAmizra distracted
व्यतिमूढ adj. vyatimUDha utterly distracted
क्षिप्तचित्त adj. kSiptacitta distracted in mind
मदविक्षिप्त adj. madavikSipta distracted by passion
संविग्नमानस adj. saMvignamAnasa agitated or distracted in mind
शोकसंविग्नमानस adj. zokasaMvignamAnasa having the heart distracted with sorrow
उन्माद्यति verb unmAdyati { unmad } become disordered in intellect or distracted
व्याक्षिप्तहृदय adj. vyAkSiptahRdaya having the mind or heart carried away or captivated or distracted
व्याक्षिप्तमनस् adj. vyAkSiptamanas having the mind or heart carried away or captivated or distracted
लिट् liT perfect tense - action done before the current day and not witnessed by the speaker or action which takes place when the speaker was unconscious or distracted [gramm. - Sanskrit]
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