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प्रविभक्तदत्तांशनिधि m. pravibhaktadattAMzanidhi distributed database [computer]
प्रविभक्तकारकसंविधा f. pravibhaktakArakasaMvidhA distributed operating system [computer]
प्रविभक्तसंसाधनसंविधा f. pravibhaktasaMsAdhanasaMvidhA distributed processing system [computer]
प्रविभक्तप्रसङ्गपरिसर m. pravibhaktaprasaGgaparisara distributed computing environment (DCE) [computer]
प्रविभक्तसङ्गणनपरिसर m. pravibhaktasaGgaNanaparisara distributed computing environment (DCE) [computer]
विहित adj. vihita distributed
परिकल्पित adj. parikalpita distributed
विभृत adj. vibhRta distributed
विहृत adj. vihRta distributed
सम्भक्त adj. sambhakta distributed
निरवत्त adj. niravatta distributed
विवर्जित adj. vivarjita distributed
परिक्लृप्त adj. pariklRpta distributed
भाजित adj. bhAjita distributed
व्यूढ adj. vyUDha distributed
भक्त adj. bhakta distributed
विश्राणित adj. vizrANita distributed
विभाजित adj. vibhAjita distributed
प्रविभक्त adj. pravibhakta distributed
संविभक्त adj. saMvibhakta distributed
व्यादिष्ट adj. vyAdiSTa distributed
विदत्त adj. vidatta distributed on
विधीयते verb pass. vidhIyate { vidhA } be distributed
अनिरुप्त adj. anirupta not distributed
सुप्रतिच्छिन्न adj. supraticchinna well distributed
सुप्रतिच्छिन्न adj. supraticchinna well-distributed
सुप्रतिच्छिन्न adj. supraticchinna well-distributed
विकल्प्य adj. vikalpya to be distributed
विभक्त adj. vibhakta distributed among [used with instrumental]
द्युभक्त adj. dyubhakta distributed by heaven
नवकपाल adj. navakapAla distributed in 9 dishes
देवभक्त adj. devabhakta distributed by the gods
षट्कपाल adj. SaTkapAla distributed in six cups
संविभजनीय adj. saMvibhajanIya to be distributed among on
प्रविभक्तरस्मि adj. pravibhaktarasmi having the rays distributed
द्वादशकपाल adj. dvAdazakapAla distributed on 12 potsherds
भाज्य adj. bhAjya to be shared or distributed
एकादशकपाल adj. ekAdazakapAla distributed in eleven dishes
त्रिकपाल adj. trikapAla distributed in 3 receptacles
सुविभक्त adj. suvibhakta well separated or distributed
पानीयसालिका f. pAnIyasAlikA place where water is distributed
पानीयशाला f. pAnIyazAlA place where water is distributed
व्युपैति verb vyupaiti { vyupe } extend or be distributed in or over
निर्वाप्य ind. nirvApya having offered or distributed or selected
विभज्य ind. vibhajya having distributed or separated or divided
वातकलाकला f. vAtakalAkalA particles of wind or air distributed in the body
निरवत्तबलि adj. niravattabali whereof oblations have been distributed all round
प्रहेलक n. prahelaka kind of pastry. sweetmeat distributed at a festival
द्विकपाल adj. dvikapAla distributed on 2 potsherds or consisting of 2 skull-bones
विभजनीय adj. vibhajanIya to be apportioned or partitioned or distributed or divided
विभागभाज् adj. vibhAgabhAj one who shares in a portion of property already distributed
व्येति verb vyeti { vI } be diffused or scattered or distributed or divided or extended
पूर्णपात्र n. pUrNapAtra vessel filled with valuable things to be distributed as presents
वर्धापन n. vardhApana presents distributed at the ceremony of cutting the umbilical cord
ब्रह्मौदन m. brahmaudana boiled rice distributed to Brahmans and esp. to the chief priest at a sacrifice
वर्धापक m. vardhApaka one who performs the ceremony of cutting the umbilical cord the presents distributed at this ceremony
शेषा f. zeSA remains of flowers or other offerings made to an idol and afterwards distributed amongst the worshippers and attendants
कालनर m. kAlanara figure of a man's body on the various limbs of which the twelve signs of the zodiac are distributed for the purpose of foretelling future destinies
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