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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
भाजकः arithm. bhAjakaH divisor
हर m. hara divisor
छिद् m. chid divisor
हारक m. hAraka divisor
भागक m. bhAgaka divisor
छेद m. cheda divisor
भाजक m. bhAjaka divisor
अपवर्तन n. apavartana divisor
स्थिरकुट्टक m. sthirakuTTaka common divisor
हार m. hAra divisor or division
हरक m. haraka divisor or division
निरपवर्तन adj. nirapavartana not to be divided by a common divisor
तक्षण m. takSaNa divisor employed to reduce a quantity
कुट्ट m. kuTTa sum may be measured by a given divisor
निश्छेद adj. nizcheda reduced by the common divisor to the least term
दृढ adj. dRDha reduced to the last term or smallest number by a common divisor