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खण्ड m. khaNDa clause [part of document]
पत्रिका f. patrikA document
प्रलेख m. pralekha document
लेख m. lekha document [computer]
लेख्य n. lekhya document [computer]
शिक्षा f. zikSA documentation [computer]
शिक्षाग्रन्थ m. zikSAgrantha documentation [computer]
शिक्षालेख m. zikSAlekha documentation [computer]
प्रवेशनानुमतिपत्र n. pravezanAnumatipatra visa document
प्रलेखीय - विपत्र n. pralekhIya - vipatra documentary bill [Com.]
विद्युत्पत्र n. vidyutpatra electronic document [computer]
अनुज्ञापत्त्र n. anujJApattra authorizing document
मन्यता पत्र n. manyatA patra document of recognition
सुलेख n. sulekha Portable Document Format (PDF) [computer]
सुवाह्यलेखसंरूप n. suvAhyalekhasaMrUpa Portable Document Format (PDF) [computer]
पत्त्रिका f. pattrikA document
लिपि f. lipi document
लेख्यप्रसङ्ग m. lekhyaprasaGga document
आदिलेख m. Adilekha document
करण n. karaNa document
लेख्य-पत्र n. lekhya-patra document
मूलपत्त्र n. mUlapattra document
व्यवस्थापत्त्र n. vyavasthApattra document
पत्त्र n. pattra document
लिखित n. likhita document
भूर्ज n. bhUrja document
पट्टक n. paTTaka document
क्रियाद्वेषिन् m. kriyAdveSin documents
सूचनी f. sUcanI short index [of a document]
अमान्यता f. amAnyatA derecognition [e.g., financial instruments, currency, documents, etc.]
मजमुदार m. majamudAra document-holder
मजमुदार m. majamudAra document-holder
मजमुदार m. majamudAra document-holder
कपटलेख्य n. kapaTalekhya forged document
लेखपत्त्रिका f. lekhapattrikA written document
अभिलेखित n. abhilekhita written document
लिखन n. likhana written document
लेखपत्त्र n. lekhapattra written document
लिखित n. likhita written document
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra written document
प्रत्यभिलेख्य n. pratyabhilekhya counter document
कूटलेख m. kUTalekha falsified document
पट्टक n. paTTaka document on a plate
लेख्य n. lekhya any written document
सूचनी f. sUcanI short table of contents [of a document]
दुर्लेख्य n. durlekhya false or forged document
पूजापट्टक n. pUjApaTTaka deed or document of honour
लेख m. lekha written document of any kind
अक्षपटल n. akSapaTala depository of legal document
लेखाधिकारिन् m. lekhAdhikArin presiding over written documents
पट्टोपाध्याय m. paTTopAdhyAya writer of royal grants or documents
लेखनिक m. lekhanika one who makes a deputy sign a document
अनागम adj. anAgama and therefore without documentary proof
करम्भक n. karambhaka document drawn up in different dialects
राजप्रसादपट्टक n. rAjaprasAdapaTTaka any grant or document granted by royal favour
प्रत्यभिलेख्य n. pratyabhilekhya document brought forward by the opposing party
साधनपत्त्र n. sAdhanapattra any written document used as evidence or proof
स्वलिखित n. svalikhita any document or receipt written with one's own hand
स्वीकारपत्त्र n. svIkArapattra written document or will disposing of one's property
सन्दिग्धलेख्य n. sandigdhalekhya writing or document of doubtful meaning or authority
अभयपत्त्र n. abhayapattra written document or paper granting assurance of safety
पांसुकूल n. pAMsukUla legal document not made out in any particular person's name
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