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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
सिद्धान्त m. siddhAnta dogma
कृतान्त m. kRtAnta dogma
सत्य n. satya dogma
राद्धान्त m. rAddhAnta doctrine dogma
असिद्धान्त m. asiddhAnta not an incontestable dogma
सर्वतन्त्रसिद्धान्त m. sarvatantrasiddhAnta dogma admitted by all systems
अभिधर्म m. abhidharma dogmas of Buddhist philosophy
आत्मप्रवाद m. AtmapravAda dogmas about the soul or supreme spirit
अभिधर्म m. abhidharma dogmas of Buddhist philosophy or metaphysics
आत्मप्रवाद m. AtmapravAda those who assert the dogmas about the supreme spirit
अपसिद्धान्त m. apasiddhAnta assertion or statement opposed to orthodox teaching or to settled dogma
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