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बिन्दुसम्पातमुद्रक n. bindusampAtamudraka dot matrix printer [computer]
बिन्दु m. bindu dot
द्विबिन्दु m. dvibindu double-dot
द्विबिन्दु m. dvibindu double-dot
बिन्दुकित adj. bindukita dotted over
चातुरक्ष cAturakSa cast of dice with 4 dots
बिन्दुरेखा f. bindurekhA row or line of points or dots
बिन्दुजाल n. bindujAla collection or mass of dots or spots
बिन्दुजालक n. bindujAlaka collection or mass of dots or spots
बिन्दु m. bindu dot over a letter representing the anusvAra
बिन्दु m. bindu particular mark like a dot made in cauterizing
अनुस्वार m. anusvAra nasal sound which is marked by a dot above the line
पावर n. pAvara the die or side of a die which is marked with 2 dots or points
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