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दृढ adj. dRDha firm
दृढ adj. dRDha massive
दृढ adj. dRDha stiff
दृढ adj. dRDha rigid
दृढ adj. dRDha tight
द्रोडति verb. droDati { druD } sink, perish
दृढोक्ति f. dRDhokti affirmation
दृढनिश्चय m. dRDhanizcaya willpower
दृढसंयोग m. dRDhasaMyoga intimacy
दृढी करोति verb dRDhI karoti { dRDhIkR } make firm or fast
दृढसङ्कल्प m. dRDhasaGkalpa willpower
दृडु f. dRDu kind of dance
दृढ adj. dRDha sure
दृढ adj. dRDha reduced to the last term or smallest number by a common divisor
दृढ adj. dRDha shut fast
दृढ adj. dRDha solid
दृढ adj. dRDha confirmed
दृढ adj. dRDha certain
दृढ adj. dRDha close
दृढ adj. dRDha persevering
दृढ adj. dRDha intense
दृढ adj. dRDha established
दृढ adj. dRDha consistent
दृढ adj. dRDha whole
दृढ adj. dRDha hard
दृढ adj. dRDha violent
दृढ adj. dRDha resolute
दृढ adj. dRDha complete
दृढ adj. dRDha steady
दृढ adj. dRDha mighty
दृढ adj. dRDha firmly fastened
दृढ adj. dRDha fixed
दृढ adj. dRDha difficult to be bent
दृढ adverb dRDha thoroughly
दृढ adverb dRDha much
दृढ adverb dRDha fast
दृढ adverb dRDha very well
दृढ adverb dRDha steadily
दृढ adverb dRDha perseveringly
दृढ m. dRDha kind of rUpaka [drama or play]
दृढ n. dRDha anything fixed or firm or solid
दृढ n. dRDha stronghold
दृढ n. dRDha fortress
दृढ n. dRDha iron
दृडक m. dRDaka fire-place or hole made in the ground for cooking
दृढम् adverb dRDham firmly
दृढम् adverb dRDham closely
दृध्र adj. dRdhra seizing or fastening tightly
दृढता f. dRDhatA hardness
दृढायु m. dRDhAyu firm-lived
द्रोडति verb 1 6 droDati { druD } sink
द्रोडति verb 1 6 droDati { druD } perish
द्रूडति verb 1 drUDati { drUD } go
द्रुडति verb 1 6 druDati { druD } sink
द्रुडति verb 1 6 druDati { druD } perish
दृढाङ्ग adj. dRDhAGga firm-bodied
दृढाङ्ग adj. dRDhAGga hard
दृढाङ्ग adj. dRDhAGga robust
दृढाङ्ग adj. dRDhAGga strong
दृढाङ्ग n. dRDhAGga diamond
दृढाक्ष m. dRDhAkSa strong-eyed
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva firmness
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva solidity
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva hardness
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva perseverance
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva steadiness
दृढत्व n. dRDhatva strength
दृढायुस् m. dRDhAyus firm-lived
दृढाश्व m. dRDhAzva strong-horsed
दृढाश्व m. dRDhAzva name of a son of kAzya
दृढबल m. dRDhabala of firm strength
दृढबीज m. dRDhabIja having hard seeds
दृढदेह adj. dRDhadeha robust
दृढधुर् adj. dRDhadhur having a strong pole or beam
दृढहनु m. dRDhahanu strong-jawed
दृढलता f. dRDhalatA kind of plant
दृढलता f. dRDhalatA having strong branches
दृढमति adj. dRDhamati resolute
दृढमति adj. dRDhamati strong-willed
दृढमति adj. dRDhamati firm-minded
दृढमूल m. dRDhamUla cocoa-nut tree
दृढमूल m. dRDhamUla having a hard root
दृढमूल m. dRDhamUla another kind of grass
दृढनिर m. dRDhanira strong-juiced
दृढनिर m. dRDhanira cocoa-nut tree
दृढपाद m. dRDhapAda firm-footed
दृढरुचि m. dRDharuci of great glory
दृढसेन m. dRDhasena having a strong army
दृढतर adj. dRDhatara firmer
दृढतर adj. dRDhatara harder
दृढतरु m. dRDhataru strong tree
दृढतृण n. dRDhatRNa strong grass
दृढत्वच् m. dRDhatvac tough-barked
दृढत्वच् m. dRDhatvac kind of reed
दृढीकार m. dRDhIkAra corroboration
दृढीकार m. dRDhIkAra strengthening
दृढीकार m. dRDhIkAra confirmation
दृढधन m. dRDhadhana having secure wealth
दृढधृति adj. dRDhadhRti resolute
दृढधृति adj. dRDhadhRti strong-willed