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यथावत् adverb yathAvat duly
युक्तम् indecl. yuktam duly
सम्यञ्च् adj. samyaJc duly
सुष्ठु adverb suSThu duly
स्वविधिना ind. svavidhinA duly
विधिवत् ind. vidhivat duly
यथौचित्यम् ind. yathaucityam duly
ऋतम् ind. Rtam duly
साधुया ind. sAdhuyA duly
यथौचित्यात् ind. yathaucityAt duly
विधिपुर्वकम् ind. vidhipurvakam duly
ऋतेन ind. Rtena duly
यथारूपम् ind. yathArUpam duly
विधिपूर्वम् ind. vidhipUrvam duly
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham duly
सुसंवृत्त adj. susaMvRtta duly occurred
सम्बोधित adj. sambodhita duly apprised
सूपसम्पन्न adj. sUpasampanna duly initiated
अनुव्रत adj. anuvrata duly performing vows
ऋतस्तुभ् m. Rtastubh praising properly or duly
स्वनुष्ठित adj. svanuSThita duly practised or performed
कृतब्रह्मन् adj. kRtabrahman in which prayers are duly offered
निराकृति m. nirAkRti Brahman who has not duly read the Vedas
सुस्नात adj. susnAta one who has duly performed his ablutions
सुसत्कृत adj. susatkRta one to whom the supreme honours have been duly rendered
कृतनित्यक्रिय adj. kRtanityakriya one who has duly performed his daily religious observances
क्षेत्रज m. kSetraja son who is the offspring of the wife by a kinsman or person duly appointed to raise up issue to the husband
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