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दुराचार m. durAcAra vice
दुराचार m. durAcAra abuse of office
दुराचर adj. durAcara incurable
दुराचर adj. durAcara difficult to be practised or performed
दूरचर adj. dUracara keeping away from
दुराचर adj. durAcara difficult to be treated or cured
दूरचर adj. dUracara walking or being far
दुराचार adj. durAcAra wicked
दुराचार adj. durAcAra having bad habits
दुराचार adj. durAcAra ill-conducted
दुराचार m. durAcAra bad behaviour
दुराचार m. durAcAra bad conduct
दुराचार m. durAcAra ill conduct
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