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दुर्ग m. durga fortress
दुर्ग m. durga fort
दुर्गम adj. durgama difficult to be controlled
दुर्गत adj. durgata poor
दुर्गत adj. durgata miserable
दुर्गत adj. durgata distressed
दुर्गति adj. durgati poor
दुर्गबल n. durgabala occupation [milit.]
दुर्गयान n. durgayAna jeep
दुर्गन्धहर m. durgandhahara deodorant
दुर्गरक्षिनः m. pl. durgarakSinaH occupation [milit.]
दुर्गस्तसैन्य n. durgastasainya occupation [milit.]
आगामि-दुर्गापूजायाम् phrase AgAmi-durgApUjAyAm during next Durga Puja
मार्गे दुर्घटना अभवत् sent. mArge durghaTanA abhavat There was an accident on the way.
दुर्ग adj. durga impassable
दुर्ग adj. durga difficult of access or approach
दुर्ग adj. durga unattainable
दुर्गा f. durgA singing bird
दुर्गा f. durgA Indigo plant or blue pea vine [Clitoria Ternatea - Bot.]
दुर्गा f. durgA inaccessible or terrific goddess
दुर्ग m. durga resin of Guggul tree [Commiphora wightii - Bot.]
दुर्ग m. durga citadel
दुर्ग n. durga citadel stronghold
दुर्ग n. durga rough ground
दुर्ग n. durga difficulty
दुर्ग n. durga roughness
दुर्ग n. durga difficult or narrow passage
दुर्ग n. durga danger
दुर्ग n. durga place difficult of access
दुर्ग n. durga distress
दुर्गाह n. durgAha impassable or impervious place
दुर्गाह n. durgAha difficulty
दुर्गाह n. durgAha danger
दुर्गम adj. durgama difficult to be traversed or travelled over
दुर्गम adj. durgama unattainable
दुर्गम adj. durgama inaccessible
दुर्गम adj. durgama impassable
दुर्गम n. durgama difficult situation
दुर्गत adj. durgata reduced to poverty
दुर्गत adj. durgata faring ill
दुर्गत adj. durgata unfortunate
दुर्गता f. durgatA ill luck
दुर्गता f. durgatA impassableness
दुर्गता f. durgatA misery
दुर्गति f. durgati hell
दुर्गति f. durgati distress
दुर्गति f. durgati poorness
दुर्गति f. durgati poverty
दुर्गति f. durgati misfortune
दुर्गति f. (gen.) durgati want of
धूर्गत adj. dhUrgata driver of an elephant
धूर्गत adj. dhUrgata being on the pole or foremost part of a chariot
धूर्गत adj. dhUrgata being at the head
धूर्गत adj. dhUrgata foremost or chief of
दुर्गाध adj. durgAdha unfathomable
दुर्गाढ adj. durgADha unfathomable
दुर्गाह्य adj. durgAhya unfathomable
दुर्घट adj. durghaTa hard to be accomplished
दुर्घट adj. durghaTa difficult
दुर्घट n. durghaTa name of a gram. work
दुर्गदेश m. durgadeza impassable region
दुर्गघ्न adj. durgaghna removing difficulties
दुर्गन्ध adj. durgandha stinking
दुर्गन्ध adj. durgandha ill-smelling
दुर्गन्ध m. durgandha foul smell
दुर्गन्ध m. durgandha onion
दुर्गन्ध m. durgandha stink
दुर्गन्ध m. durgandha mango-tree
दुर्गन्ध m. durgandha bad smell
दुर्गन्ध n. durgandha sochal-salt
दुर्गन्धि adj. durgandhi stinking
दुर्गन्धि adj. durgandhi ill-smelling
दुर्गपाल m. durgapAla commandant or governor of a fortress
दुर्गापूजा f. durgApUjA chief festival in honour of durgA
दुर्गापूजा f. durgApUjA held in Bengal in the month azvin or about October
दुर्गपुर n. durgapura fortified city
दुर्गसह adj. durgasaha overcoming difficulties or dangers
दुर्गतता f. durgatatA ill luck
दुर्गतता f. durgatatA misery
दुर्गटीका f. durgaTIkA durga's commentary
दुर्गवास m. durgavAsa staying over-night in unhospitable places
दुर्गघात n. durgaghAta name of a fort
दुर्गाह्लाद m. durgAhlAda kind of perfume
दुर्गमार्ग m. durgamArga difficult pass or way
दुर्गमार्ग m. durgamArga defile
दुर्गसिंही f. durgasiMhI durga-siMha's commentary on the kAtantra
दुर्गास्तव m. durgAstava praise of durgA
दुर्गास्तुति f. durgAstuti praise of durgA
दुर्घटना f. durghaTanA accident
दुर्गकारक m. durgakAraka Bhojpatra or birch-tree [Betula Bhojpatra - Bot.]
दुर्गकारक m. durgakAraka making difficult or impassable
दुर्गकर्मन् n. durgakarman fortification
दुर्गानवमी f. durgAnavamI ninth day of the light half of kArttika
दुर्गन्धता f. durgandhatA badness of smell
दुर्गारोहण adj. durgArohaNa difficult to be ascended
दुर्गसम्पद् f. durgasampad perfection or excellence of a fortress
दुर्गास्तोत्र n. durgAstotra praise of durgA
दुर्गतरिणी f. durgatariNI conveying over difficulties
दुर्गाध्यक्ष m. durgAdhyakSa governor of a fortress
दुर्गाक्रमण n. durgAkramaNa taking of a fort
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